‘Boruto’ Chapter 59: Can Boruto, Kawaki save Konoha?

Boruto Chapter 59

The Hidden Leaf Village’s future is now in Boruto and Kawaki’s hands in Boruto Chapter 59.

These two have to save Konoha from the enemies, just like how their parents did in the past. But, will they succeed in doing so in Boruto Chapter 59?

Boruto and Kawaki’s New Mission

Code and the Ten-Tails are just some of the biggest threats that may come in Konoha. Unfortunately, Sasuke and Naruto don’t have the power to face the enemies right now.

So, the responsibility now lies to the new generation of heroes, Boruto and Kawaki.

According to Epic Dope, Code and Eida are now planning their next moves in Boruto Chapter 59.

After being away from the last chapter, fans may know more about Eida and her past in the upcoming installment.

She is somehow related to Amado and the manga may soon confirm if she is his daughter or not.

Fans believe it is not a coincidence when Amado says he has a daughter and Eida reveals her blood relatives are immune to her power.

So, this gives birth to theories that these two are blood-related. It is possible Amado intentionally turned Eida into a cyborg to save her life.

However, fans should only take this assumption with a grain of salt as there is no evidence to support the claim.

From here, Code may work with Eida to attack Konoha and take his revenge on Naruto. It is also possible that he will abduct Amado to remove the chakra limiters in his body.

The End of Volume 15

Devdiscourse noted Boruto Chapter 59 would mark the end of the manga’s Volume 15 after Masashi Kishimoto divided its conclusion into two chapters, Chapters 58 and 59.

So, there might be big revelations coming, just like when Volume 14 ended. To recall, Isshiki met his demise and Naruto and Sasuke lost their powers and abilities.

Code had inherited the Otsutsuki Karma from Isshiki, making him the new Otsutsuki god.

If this will indeed happen, Code may activate Momoshiki inside Boruto’s body to alarm the Hokages.

They may end up calling for his execution, seeing him as a threat to the village and its people.

Chapter 58 Recap

In Boruto Chapter 58, Kawaki and Boruto put their Karma seals on display, while Sarada and Mitsuki complained of their training method.

Kawaki felt empty without his Karma, per Omnitos. He might share the same burden with Boruto so that they could save Naruto from death.

What happens from here can be seen when Boruto Chapter 59 drops on Sunday, June 20.

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