‘Boruto’ Chapter 59: Will Kawaki become Sasuke’s successor?

Boruto Chapter 59

If Naruto has his heir in Boruto, it looks like Kawaki will be Sasuke’s successor and Boruto Chapter 59 will prove it.

Kawaki is gradually becoming like Sasuke and fans will see more of it in Boruto Chapter 59. The upcoming episode will set the next events in the manga series and by the looks of it, everyone is back into action.

Kawaki and Sasuke’s Similarities

The similarities between Kawaki and Sasuke are now going strong. Their motives are even matching up, like in protecting the Konoha village.

Kawaki will stop at nothing to protect their town from the threat of the Kara organization.

The biggest threats they have today are Code and Eida, and Kawaki is ready to face these two before they even make a move.

Amid the looming danger, Boruto is becoming more mature and understanding. Kawaki, oppositely, is acting paranoid and crazy, though he only seems to be protective.

According to BlockToro, fans may see Kawaki taking extreme steps to protect everyone in Boruto Chapter 59.

He may start an attack against Code and Eida on his own. Kawaki has already hinted at the possibility of him becoming evil and the first chapter seems to confirm it.

Will Kawaki turn into an antagonist someday?

Episode 58 Recap

Lord Seventh was with Boruto at Uzumaki’s house to talk about the medicines. Naruto revealed these meds suppressed Otsuki’s fication, so Boruto asked his father if he would never become Momoshiki if he would take it.

The shinobi explained it only suppressed its advance, but it had no ability to get rid of the Karma. It could not reverse the Otsutsuki’s fication that already took place, OtakuKart News noted.

Naruto added they were not sure of its side effects. The worst, if the meds failed, it could cause death.

Not afraid of his father’s warnings, Boruto swallowed it and asked how many he had to take every day. The patriarch was stunned to see that his son did not even show an inch of hesitation.

Boruto assured his dad he was ready for the worst to come to get rid of his Karma. After taking the meds, Naruto felt relieved that nothing happened to his kid.

Boruto was confident that the meds could help him, so he went out like nothing happened to meet the trio.

What happens next can be seen when Boruto Chapter 59 drops on Sunday, June 20, per the official manga sources.

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