‘Boruto’ Chapters 205-209 titles, new poster hint at what will happen next


Boruto has been dropping different promos to hype up the series more as the battle against Jigen begins.

From the next chapters’ official titles to a new poster, it looks like the set of battles happening in Boruto are definitely a must-see. So, what’s next for Boruto, Kawaki and the rest of the Hidden Leaf?

A Set of New Titles

Naruto and Sasuke are now back on the battlefield after Jigen attacks the Hidden Leaf. As everyone is waiting for what will happen next in this big arc, Twitter user Anime News and Facts drops the next chapters’ official episode.

The upcoming Boruto Chapter 205 will bear the title “Proof,” followed by Chapter 206’s “The New Team 7.” Chapter 207 will be then called “Regeneration,” while Chapter 208 is “The Manifestation of Momoshiki.”

Lastly, Chapter 209 is titled “Amado,” which, according to Comicbook, makes fans a little worried. Why?

The Kara scientist is now taking shelter in the Hidden Leaf. If this means he will betray the town, knowing the Hokages are yet to trust him fully, will their suspicions be true?

If he indeed turns on the Hidden Leaf, it will be up to Naruto and company what to do with him.

New Naruto, Sasuke, Boruto, Kawaki Poster

As the battle against Jigen begins, Boruto is now hyping the series with the release of a new poster. The key art features the four main characters, Naruto, Boruto, Kawaki and Sasuke.

Boruto Anime kick starts July with a brand new Key Visual!” the caption reads. “Are Boruto and Kawaki ready to face their next obstacle? Check out the Arc’s synopsis.”

The senior heroes are busy keeping their village safe while the new generation of fighters gets their back.

As these four are all connected by their Karma, can they successfully put Jigen down? By the looks of it, the antagonist possesses a different power far from what Naruto and the gang have.

The post also comes with a link to the manga’s new arc description, called the Otsutsuki Awakening arc.

Thankfully, Twitter user Rocha_luana translated the Japanese blurb into English and shared it with the world.

“As the battle with Kara has intensified, Boruto and Kawaki – who often fought with each other – began to help one another by sharing the same power,” it reads. “The Karma had gradually deepened their bond. On the other hand, Jigen – the leader of Kara – began to move constantly in order to fulfill his ambitions.”

Jigen now eyes the Hidden Leaf as his goal. As he now sees the whole village as the enemy, the final battle between Jigen and Boruto is about to begin.

Fans will see the next installment, Boruto Chapter 205, on July 20.

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