‘Boruto’ Episode 175: Will Boruto, Sarada successfully defeat Deepa?

Boruto Episode 175

Boruto Episode 175 will show off how things will go between Boruto and Sarada’s rematch against Deepa. Titled “Beyond the Limits,” the two will show how far they can take the battle despite being newly-trained.

Despite their intense training, Deepa will remain to be a challenging opponent in Boruto Episode 175. As the fight continues in Victor’s facility, fans have to wait and see who will win this battle. Can they finally defeat Deepa?

Episode 175 spoilers

Boruto and Sarada have now improved their Rasengan and Sharingan after their training. Team 7 is now much stronger after Sasuke and Sakura also underwent intense training under Kakashi.

However, despite their newly-gained knowledge and skills, they seem to be of no match against Deepa’s abilities.

The teaser translated by Twitter user Organic Dinosaur revealed that they would still find it hard to defeat Deepa. With his strength, Boruto and Sarada may still have to undergo a lot of practice to match or even surpass his abilities.

To recall, according to EconoTimes, Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki were almost killed after their last encounter with Deepa.

It looks like despite improving their skills, they still have a long way to go before they can have an equal match with Deepa. This only shows how strong this villain is and other members of the Kara organization.

Meanwhile, Boruto Episode 175 trailer revealed Orochimaru would also be part of the current fight.

This means that Boruto and Sarada will be left with no choice but to face Deepa as Konohamaru will be busy fighting Victor.

Boruto Episode 175

Episode 174 recap

In the previous episode, the secret of the tree attacking people and absorbing chakra had been revealed.

According to Victor, the wood fragment in the bio pod was from the Divine Tree that he got from the Fourth Great Ninja War.

As Victor felt ready to take the fruit from the Divine Tree, it started to outgrow the facility. Now, the heroes needed to do something to stop it, per International Business Times.

Elsewhere, Deepa didn’t want to get the tree’s fruit as he seemed to be now contented with the power he has. All he wanted to do now is to taste the best flavors the world has to offer.

Meanwhile, as Boruto and Sarada would try their best to defeat Deepa, they turned terribly angry when every face of his victim flashed before their eyes. Would this help them bring Deepa down in Boruto Episode 175?

Boruto Episode 175 is set to be out on Sunday, Nov. 22, at 3:30 a.m. Eastern Time on Crunchyroll.

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