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‘Boruto’ Episode 183 to show this ninja’s return along with new character


Boruto Episode 183, titled “The Hand,” will see the new Team 7 trying to complete their mission using the scientific ninja tools. The anime has officially begun the Vessel arc, following the manga story from Chapter 18 forward.

The new arc reveals a lot is about to happen in the series, starting with Boruto Episode 183. Now, in the newly-revealed promo, it just teased that a familiar ninja would enter the picture, along with a new character.

The return of Sumire

According to Comicbook, Sumire will return to the series, along with Inuzuka Akita and Chamaru the nin-dog.

Team 7 will meet these guys as they do their new mission at Dr Katasuke’s lab. Boruto himself will see Sumire after she was transferred to this department following her graduation from the academy.

Sumire is now known for being a great scientist, working closely with Akita on new tech for the Hidden Leaf.

On the other hand, Akita is a member of the village clan and the Scientific Ninja Weapons team’s head. She and her dog, Chamaru, have been working with the tech almost all their lives.

Although Akita is related to Kiba, it’s good to know that she’s not as assertive as him or Akamaru.

However, Sumire and Akita are just two of the many characters that Boruto is about to meet in Boruto Episode 183 as the new arc continues.

Kara will also have a significant role in this arc, which means Kawaki will also make his appearance. His arrival will be a huge turning point to the anime series that fans will find it hard to forget him.

Katasuke’s research

Meanwhile, aside from meeting these two, Boruto Episode 183 will focus on Katasuke’s research about the scientific ninja tools.

With Team 7 and Sumire’s reunion, the latter will reveal that what they know about the mission is just half of the real deal. Hence, they are yet to know everything about it, per TV Season Spoilers.

Elsewhere, there will be a fight between Mitsuki and Sarada, who will use a prototype light and smoke bomb in the impending battle.

The new episode will also give a glimpse of the “enemy chasing” Mugino and Konohamaru, who are both trying to escape their collected “intel” on the vessel.

Of course, the upcoming installment will not end without a few twists and turns of actions, relating to the Kara organization’s ultimate mission.

Kashin Koji already told Ao to get the vessel from the crashed airship. So, the latter is about to make his move.

Boruto Episode 183 is set to be out on Sunday, Jan. 24.

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