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‘Boruto’ Episode 184 to feature strange Puppets controlled by mysterious master


Boruto Episode 184 will bear the title “Puppets” as it will introduce a set of puppets controlled by a mysterious master. These puppets are robot-like creatures that will attack Boruto and the gang as they look for Konohameru.

The Kara arc will continue in Boruto Episode 184. It will resume featuring an intense turn of events, from the scientific stuff in the series to proving ninjutsus are a form of technology and not a magical art.

Episode 184 official synopsis and trailer

Twitter user AnimeHub revealed the new episode’s official synopsis, hinting at the hunt of Konohameru.

“Konohameru & Mugino have been cut off from communications. Team 7 are sent off together in search of them,” the synopsis read. “Team 7 get attacked by mysterious puppets made from scientific ninja tools.”

“Chamaru was able to determine Konohameru’s location,” it continued. “But while Chamaru leads Team 7 to their comrades, Ao appears in front of everyone.”

On the other hand, Boruto Episode 184 trailer shows Boruto and other Team 7 members face several puppets or robot, controlled by someone who possesses the puppet Jutsu.

These puppets suddenly wake up and start attacking the group, BlockToro noted. Boruto then realized someone is controlling these creatures and they have to find and bring him down whoever he is.

Elsewere, the clip also shows the debris of the crash, scattered near the site.

It then ends with Jigen, beating his assaulters without a sweat. It then shows Konohameru and Mugino, who seem to be both in danger.

By the looks of it, Code is the traitor that they are looking for. Also, it is still a puzzle if Katasuke will join Team 7 on their new mission.

Episode 183 recap

In Boruto Episode 183, Amado met with Code and Delta to run a series of tests on these two. Kara’s inner member then informed them about Victor’s death, per International Business Times.

Team 7, along with Katasuke, arrived at the Advanced Technology Laboratory in Ryutan to do their mission and the wonderful aesthetic and feature of the lab put them all in awe.

They then learned the facility’s secrets. Most of its part is underground, while the lab also conducts some pathbreaking Scientific Ninja Tools experiment.

So, despite hating Scientific Ninja Tools’ use, Boruto has started to appreciate Katasuke’s effort and other scientists’ works at the facility.

Fans will see what will happen next in Boruto Episode 184, which will be out on Sunday, Jan. 31, on Crunchyroll.

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