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‘Boruto’ Episode 187 to feature Kashin Koji, Konohamaru’s big fight


There will be a new threat coming to Boruto Episode 187, titled “Karma.” Fans will finally meet Kashin Koji in the anime series, a known member of the Kara organization.

As the manga readers already knew what will be Koji’s role, it remains to be seen how Boruto Episode 187 will give justice to his introduction. As his mission is to put Boruto and his pals down, can he successfully make it?

Episode 187 official synopsis

According to BlockToro, after Boruto and Team 7 finish their battle against AO, Koji suddenly appears in front of them.

He will be using his fuinjutsu that will limit his enemies’ movements. Jiraiya’s clone will try to put them all down to fulfill his mission, but Sarutobi Konohamaru will dispel his Jutsu.

They will then go in a one-on-one battle. However, another Rasengan will cancel Konohamaru’s Jutsu.

Surprisingly, Koji also has a Rasengan and can use it against Konohamaru in Boruto Episode 187. The former Inner of Kara manages to corner the shinobi, putting the latter in a desperate situation.

As Boruto sees what is happening, the karma seal on his hand suddenly activates.

On the other hand, the new episode’s preview shows Koji and Konohamaru’s fight, and the latter can effortlessly dodge the villain’s attacks.

Anyhow, Konohamaru can’t deny that he feels a chakra inside Koji’s body that possibly makes Boruto’s karma activates.

Later, the clip shows Kawaki lying on the ground, and the vessel may finally be revealed.

Episode 186 recap

In Boruto Episode 186, Boruto and the gang tried their best to develop a plan where they could engage Ao before he arrived.

The fight then started, and Ao realized they were trying to divert his attention while Boruto was waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

However, it looked like he didn’t see Boruto’s “severely chakra-draining blade” coming. Ao picked it up that quickly drained his chakra when he stabbed Boruto’s clone with it, per The Cinemaholic.

The protagonist later asked his friends to put Konohamaru to safety after sustaining severe injuries while protecting him from a drone attack.

Boruto then crashed all the drones before he faced Ao. As he chose not to kill Ao, Koji suddenly appeared.

Aside from Boruto and his group, the Green Leaf Village’s forces might also have to go against Koji.

What would happen next could be seen in Boruto Episode 187 when it drops on Sunday, Feb. 21.

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