‘Boruto’ Episode 189: Kawaki may face Boruto, Team 7, Garo

Boruto Episode 189

Fans will finally see what will happen next in Boruto Episode 189, titled “Resonance,” after Kawaki’s introduction. With the looming intense fight between Kawaki and Team 7, this one is a must-see.

The previous episode finally introduced Kawaki to the anime fans. The manga readers probably know who Kawaki is, but viewers are about to get to know more of him in Boruto Episode 189 forward.

The mysterious arrival of Kawaki

There is a great mystery surrounding the character of Kawaki and his arrival in the series. In the new episode’s preview, he can be seen standing against Boruto and Team 7.

Will a fight ignite between them? The trailer features the characters’ voiceover, talking to each other.

Though it has no video to give fans a glimpse of what will happen, the discussion teases a complicated situation in Boruto Episode 189.

“The situation has gotten way too complicated,” the voiceover said via BlockToro. “Do not make any careless moves right now.”

“What are you saying?” the talk continues. “It’s possible he’ll get taken away. The mission level has been increased to an S-rank.”

The clip ended with an intriguing line of, “It’s too much dangerous. My top priority right now is to protect all of you!”

Kara is now on the move

With Kawaki’s arrival, Kara is definitely on the move. After Boruto and Team 7 managed to defeat Ao, they next faced Kashin Koji.

The latter put Konohamaru down without the sweat, and it looks like their fight is far from being over.

After witnessing what happened to Boruto’s body, Koji left them in peace. However, on their way to return to the village, they saw the mysterious young boy, Kawaki.

Surprisingly, Kawaki has the same seal that Boruto has in his hands. As Boruto shows him the sign, Kawaki called it “Karma seal.”

Recent Highlights noted Kawaki is the vessel that Kara has been looking for. The organization wants to capture the young boy for some unknown reasons.

So, in Boruto Episode 189, fans will quickly see Kawaki in action, facing Garo from Kara.

Knowing Garo’s body is filled with a lot of scientific ninja tools, viewers will witness how Kara will use those to its advantage.

Anyhow, as they learn that Boruto also has the same Karma seal that Kawaki has, will it try to capture the two?

It looks like Boruto Episode 189 has several questions to answer when it drops on Sunday, Mar. 7.

Featured image used courtesy of steamXO/Flickr/Public Domain Mark 1.0 (https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/mark/1.0/)

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