‘Boruto’ Episode 195 to feature Naruto, Kawaki’s bonding

Boruto Episode 195

Boruto Episode 195 will continue the bond forming between Kawaki and Naruto as they will spend the day shopping.

Kawaki is now staying in the Uzumaki Clan proper after Naruto decided to put him under his wings to look after him. As Kawaki now starts to feel at ease with Naruto, they will be spending some time in Boruto Episode 195.

Naruto, Kawaki’s bonding

According to Comicbook, Naruto will take Kawaki around the Hidden Leaf.

The two will be going shopping to look for a new vase after the so-called Jigen’s vessel broke the vase Himawari made for Hinata.

The new episode preview shows Naruto and Kawaki going around Konoha and visiting shops and marketplaces.

As Kawaki now has an idea about the place he is staying, is he planning to do something?

Despite what happened, Naruto remains nice to Kawaki, and the next episode will show a heartwarming bond between the two.

Now that Boruto Episode 195 is diving more profound into the manga’s story, manga fans should look forward to what the anime has in store.

Naruto’s empathy

Boruto Episode 195 will show the empathy Naruto has for Kawaki.

It has been known that the Kara Organization used the young boy as a pawn when he was young.

For someone who has spent most of his life as a pariah in Konoha, Naruto deeply understands Kawaki.

He shares his body with a nine-tailed fox then, so he knows how it is to be different.

However, as Kara Organization is still working on getting Kawaki back, Naruto and the Hidden Leaf Village still have some problems to handle.

Episode 194 recap

Boruto Episode 194 showed an upset Himawari after Kawaki broke the vase she made for Hinata.

Himawari didn’t mind it at all, but Boruto seemed to be mad, International Business Times noted.

He made Kawaki felt terrible about what happened, so the latter wanted to get a new vase for Hinata and Himawari.

Despite the growing tension between the two, Kawaki decided to open up to Boruto.

He told him how Jigen injected Karma inside his body, while Boruto revealed how he got his karma, too.

The protagonist got the seal after his fight against Momoshiki Otsutsuki that also made him a vessel.

Kawaki then asked Boruto if he wanted to get rid of the karma. As he said yes, the two would now work together to learn more about their marks to eventually remove them.

What happens next can be seen when Boruto Episode 195 finally drops on Sunday, April 18.

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