‘Boruto’ Episode 197: Will Kashin Koji, Delta find Kawaki?

Boruto Episode 197

Fans will see friendly and serious fights in Boruto Episode 197. As Kawaki and Boruto will train to hone their Karma powers, Kashin Koji and Delta will have a misunderstanding.

The search for Kawaki will continue in Boruto Episode 197. As Koji has successfully infiltrated the Hidden Leaf village, will he finally find Isshiki’s vessel?

New trailer, official synopsis, and more

The new episode preview shows Delta angry with Koji after waiting too long for his return, watching Boruto and Kawaki’s fight from a distance.

The angry Delta then leaves and goes on his way to find Kawaki on her own.

According to BlockToro, Kawaki and Boruto undergo training to “skilfully grain control” of their Karma.

Boruto trains with Kawaki as they go on a real fight against each other in Boruto Episode 197.

Himawari and Naruto watch the two’s combat as they activate their Karma to go head-to-head.

Amid Kawaki and Boruto’s practice, little did they know that Koji is already watching them, along with Delta.

Koji has managed to slip through the Konohagakure’s sensory system without anyone knowing.

As he and Delta part ways, will Naruto and the gang catch them?

New episode summary

Twitter user Atsu dropped Boruto Episode 197 summary, focusing on Naruto and Kawaki’s training.

“As Naruto and the others watch, Boruto trains with Kawaki in a real battle to master ‘Karma’!” he tweeted.

Episode 196 recap

Boruto Episode 196 started with Delta and Koji talking about a particular unit that could monitor people who leave and enter Konohagakure through their chakra.

Delta wanted to know if the unit remained active even in peacetime, IBTimes noted. Koji revealed it always did; especially the Shinobi started to be more cautious because of Kara’s emergence.

This said unit always made sure that any unidentified chakra would be recorded. It would then undergo an investigation before it could enter the village.

This would make the likes of Delta and Koji have a hard time entering the village, though the latter succeeded.

Elsewhere, Naruto and Boruto started their friendly fight while Kawaki, Himawari, Sarada, and Mitsuki watched.

Naruto dared him some to come at him at any chance he got, as he wanted to see Boruto using his Karma during their battle.

Boruto’s training will continue in Boruto Episode 197, which will drop on Sunday, May 2, at 3:30 a.m. Eastern Time. The international fans, on the other hand, can also see it by changing the said time according to their time zones.

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