‘Boruto’ Episode 198: Naruto to protect Kawaki from Delta

Boruto Episode 198

Boruto Episode 198, titled “Monsters,” will mean two different things: the monster that Delta is and the monster that Naruto is when it comes to a battle.

Fans are about to witness these two in a brawl in Boruto Episode 198. After Delta gets tired of waiting for Kashin Koji, she makes her way to the Konohagakure village to get Kawaki and bring him back to Jigen.

New episode details and spoilers

Twitter user Abdul Zoldyck drops the new episode’s synopsis, teasing a fight between Naruto and Delta.

“Delta invades the village to bring Kawaki back!” it read via IBTimes. “Naruto stands in the way to protect the children!”

The new episode’s trailer shows Delta has successfully infiltrated the village without anyone knowing.

The security system that should have detected a stranger entering the town doesn’t work this time.

So, she is now on her way to find Kawaki and bring him back as much as she could. However, knowing the kid stays with the Uzumaki clan, Naruto will never let it happen.

He vows to face Delta to protect not just Kawaki but the other kids as well, like Boruto and Himawari.

Kawaki doesn’t expect to see Delta on the town. He tells Naruto she is one of the most dangerous Inners of Kara and a higher-up in the organization.

Delta reveals she knows who Naruto is, but her real intention is Kawaki, so she has no plans to face him.

But Naruto will not let her touch Kawaki without a fight. Despite Kawaki’s warning that every Kara Inner is a monster, he will start a fight with Delta that will be seen in Boruto Episode 198.

Delta, Naruto’s heated battle

Naruto has faced a fair share of villains in the past, and there are several he is yet to fight.

He is one of the village’s best defenses, and his ability will be in a test in his battle against Delta.

The clip shows Naruto is still doing his best to keep their brawl clean. He is in his top form, so he is in the upper hand in this battle.

However, it can’t be denied that Delta is pretty powerful, too, per Comicbook. She is one of Kara’s best brawlers, so she will surely not let this battle slide.

But can she defeat a monster on the battlefield like Naruto? She may have possessed incredible abilities as a Kara member, but Naruto has the Nine-Tailed Fox on his side.

It means Naruto has already put him at a disadvantage with this possession.

Fans are about to witness their intense battle when Boruto Episode 198 drops on Sunday, May 9.

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