‘Boruto’ Episode 201: Sarada to unleash incredible abilities

Boruto Episode 201

Sarada will show what she got in Boruto Episode 201. Aside from Kawaki, Sasuke’s daughter is also taking the spotlight, unleashing her incredible abilities.

Sarada is about to show everyone one of her father’s patented techniques, Chidori.  The kunoichi is evidently following her father’s footsteps and fans are about to see it in Boruto Episode 201.

Sarada’s Incredible Power and Ability

As part of Team 7, Sarada has the ability to use the power of the Sharingan. This makes her an effective ninja in the Konoha village.

She is one of the main brains of the operations of the strongest youngest ninjas, so she trains alongside Sasuke to hone her talents more.

They are now preparing for their continuing fight against the Kara organization, Comicbook noted. The latter has a lot of evil plans for the Hidden Leaf, Team 7 and Kawaki, who has escaped their grasp.

Thankfully, Twitter user Abdul_S17 drops a new image for Boruto Episode 201, teasing Sarada wielding Chidori.

She has learned this from her father’s training and got it from the Uchihas bloodline. So, what is in store for Sarada in the future is definitely an exciting sight to see.


Kawaki and Kurama’s Meeting

Boruto Episode 201 also teases the first-ever meeting of Kawaki and Kurama. The Nine-Tailed Fox will tell the mysterious boy that he sees a lot of commons between him and Naruto when he was young.

Sure, neither Kawaki nor Team 7 has Nine-Tailed beasts inside them, but Kawaki and Boruto have Karma.

They, too, do not understand the mysterious energy it possesses and its link to the Kara organization.

Despite that, their seals will surely play a big role in the franchise, per IBTimes.

Meanwhile, in the new episode’s preview, the opening scene shows Kurama sleeping next to Naruto.

Kawaki cannot believe his eyes and comprehend that a beast is living inside the Seventh Hokage’s body.

However, it seems to answer all the questions he has about where Naruto gets his powerful abilities.

By the looks of it, he believes it is from Kurama.

Kurama will then tell Kawaki about Naruto’s past and this may inspire the young fighter to train harder with Boruto.

It may also push him to face Jigen and the Kara organization per se.

“While Kawaki is repairing Himawari’s vase, Kurama appears in front of him,” the new episode’s official synopsis read. “Kurama tells Kawaki about Naruto’s past?!”

Fans are about to these and more when Boruto Episode 201 drops on Sunday, May 30.

Featured image used courtesy of Instacodez/Flickr/Public Domain Mark 1.0 (https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/mark/1.0/)

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