‘Boruto’ Episode 202: Sasuke to find out more about Kara, Boro

Boruto Episode 202

Boruto Episode 202, titled “A Religious Organization,” will introduce the Otsutsuki clan to the viewers. Fans are about to meet Boro and how he promises his disciples to give them lifetime happiness.

Viewers will get to know more of Boro and his organization in Boruto Episode 202. They will also get to see Sasuke, trying his best to find out more about the Kara inner.

Episode preview, spoilers and more

The new episode preview, via BlockToro, shows Sasuke seeing something strange in his dream and teleporting into a different dimension. Boro is then seen in another place, preaching to the kids.

The short trailer then shows Jigen and his marks glowing, revealing something about the Otsutsuki clan. Alternatively, the upcoming installment’s official synopsis reveals the ANBU director, Sai, is worried about the acquired intel based on the data Sarutobi Konohamaru brought from the airship crashing incident.

So, Sai asks Sasuke to handle it and use his time-space ninjutsu to visit the accident’s location. There are a lot of enigmatic shapes seen here and it is all depicted in that “particular dimension.”

Sasuke believes several aspects of what he sees can be connected to the Otsutsuki clan. Elsewhere, Boruto Episode 202 shows how a sick person has been saved by one of the Kara leaders, Boro, in front of everyone’s eyes.

He faces everyone who has gathered around him and makes a spiel. Here, he promises to find a way to make them happy.

Episode 201 recap

In Boruto Episode 201, Sai met Shikamaru and confessed he felt Naruto was naive to let Kawaki, a former Kara member, live with him, IBTimes noted. He then told something about a specific intel to Shikamaru and revealed they already had the coordinates of the place, but they could only go there using space-time ninjutsu.

However, unknown to the area, Sai admitted it could only be a trap to lure the Shinobi. Despite the danger it held, he asked Sasuke to investigate the site.

Shikamaru commended Sai’s plan and confident that Sasuke could do such a challenging mission. The previous episode ended with Sasuke arriving at a strange place that gave him cult-like feels.

He started to check the symbols on the wall when Boro suddenly appeared. He seemed to be in a huge amphitheater where he spoke to his people.

Sasuke will continue his investigation when Boruto Episode 202 drops on Sunday, June 6, on Crunchyroll and Funimation, per Epic Stream.

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