‘Boruto’ Episode 202: Will Jigen, Boro visit Konoha to face Naruto?

Boruto Episode 202

After the heart-warming meeting of Kawaki and Kurama, things will be pretty intense in Boruto Episode 202, titled “The Cult.”

Kurama’s move to tell Naruto’s story to Kawaki seems to have inspired the young fighter. As he has successfully used his chakra, will he be ready for a big fight in Boruto Episode 202?

The preparation for a big fight

Kurama managed to convince Kawaki that friendship is above everything.

After his talk to the Nine-Tailed Fox, he successfully used his chakra to climb to a tree while training.

The pain from his previous fight with Delta is now gone, along with the nightmares he experiences at night.

Sarada, alternatively, felt frustrated, thinking her Chidori was not like her dad’s.

However, according to Epic Dope, it cannot be denied that she is making tremendous progress with her Chidori.

Though she has yet to master her ability, she will surely get there and it may begin in Boruto Episode 202.

Once she has successfully honed it, she may add a unique twist to this move.

Meanwhile, in the new episode preview, things seem to be getting intense with Kara’s threat.

Jigen or Boro may visit the Konoha village anytime now to face Naruto after Delta’s defeat.

It is also possible that Koji will make his own surprise attacks against Naruto in Boruto Episode 202.

Episode 201 recap

In Boruto Episode 201, Kurama approached Kawaki and asked if he got his name correct.

He then told the mysterious boy he could not blame himself for being the target.

Kurama then revealed he had watched over Boruto since he was a young boy, along with how the Shinibo grew up. He even recalled how people feared him for being the Nine-Tailed Fox spirit.

Kawaki called Kurama an “untouchable monster,” to which the latter agreed, OtakuKart News noted.

He took a lot of enemies who were after Naruto. He was also the one responsible for Naruto’s parents’ death after they tried protecting his seal.

Kurama reminded Kawaki that he was Naruto’s weapon, to which the latter once again agreed.

As their talk continued, Kawaki found inspiration in Kurama and his tale about Naruto.

They both did not have an easy life but still fighting. From here, he managed to control his karma and looked forward to honing his ability more to be like Naruto someday.

What happens next can be seen when Boruto Chapter 202 drops on Sunday, June 6.

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