‘Boruto’ Episode 203: Will Jigen successfully get Kawaki?

Boruto Episode 203

Fans are about to see an intense fight between Naruto and Jigen in Boruto Episode 203.

As the Kara leader makes his way to the Hidden Leaf Village, will he successfully get Kawaki? Can he defeat the Shinobi in Boruto Episode 203 without breaking a sweat?

Naruto, Jigen’s Battle

Titled “The Raid,” it seems to imply the attack Jigen will do in the Hidden Leaf Village to get Kawaki back.

However, as the kid is now under Naruto’s care, he will not let that happen easily. Despite the enemy’s incredible strength, Naruto will challenge him for a fight.

Before all of this happens, something is happening in Kawaki’s Karma mark that even Boruto can’t understand.

“An unusual phenomenon transpires with Kawaki’s Karma while he is with Naruto – the Nanadaime Hokage – at the Uzumaki residence,” Boruto Episode 203 official synopsis reads. “Jigen – the leader of the mysterious organization referred to as ‘Kara’ – has suddenly appeared before the two of them.”

Aside from Jigen, BlockToro noted Kashin Koji, a Kara member, is also watching Kawaki’s every move.

“Even though Jigen tries to forcibly bring Kawaki back home with him, Kawaki is reluctant to comply with Jigen’s orders,” the storyline reveals. “When Naruto witnesses this spectacle unfolding, he then challenges Jigen to a battle in order to protect Kawaki…!?

Jigen’s Interest to Meet Boruto

According to IBTimes, Jigen is not only in the Hidden Leaf Village for Kawaki. He also wants to meet Boruto as he is, reportedly, his vessel, too.

Jigen knows Kawaki is hiding in Naruto’s care, so he does everything to get what he believes is his despite the danger that comes with it.

When Kawaki notices something strange happening in his Karma, he knows something terrible will happen.

And it did; it just warns him Jigen is on his way and a big battle will ensue.

Boruto Episode 203 preview gives everyone a glimpse of Kashin Koji’s toad watching over Kawaki. He then gets the biggest surprise of his life when he sees Jigen in the village.

Boruto’s Karma markings also start to spread when he is still in the forest with Mitsuki. The latter asks Boruto if he did it, but he says he “cannot deliberately bring it out.”

He reveals his Karma only activates on its own during a battle or if Kawaki is around.

Mitsuki then starts to wonder if Kawaki is OK. Boruto assures the mysterious boy is well as he is with his father.

The scene then changes, showing Jigen attacking Naruto.

Fans are about to see all these and more when Boruto Episode 203 drops on Sunday, June 13.

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