‘Boruto’ Episode 206: The new Team 7 vs. Boro

Boruto Episode 206

Sarada, Boruto and Mitsuki will take center stage in Boruto Episode 206, along with Kawaki.

These four will be forming a new Team 7, thus the Boruto Episode 206 title “The New Team 7.” They will be fighting against the Kara Organization after taking Naruto away and putting his and Sasuke’s life in danger.

A New Team 7

The new episode trailer is now out and it shows Boruto, Kawaki, Sarada and Mitsuki in another dimension where Naruto is.

They start finding Naruto, but Boro comes to the scene and confronts the four.

Now, it is time for the New Team 7 to show what they got and face Boro to save Naruto.

According to IBTimes, Boro is one of the most powerful Kara Inners. So, this will be an uphill task for Boruto and his comrades.

“Boruto and his team engage in a fight with Boro who has been waiting for them in the other dimension, where Naruto was taken!” Boruto Episode 206 official synopsis reads.

“With the addition of Kawaki, the new four-member Team 7, led by Sarada, begins their counterattack,” it continues.

Team 7 and Boro’s Fight

Duniaku added Jigen assigned Boro to look after Naruto, who was sealed, in another dimension.

Now, someone will help the Hokage and it will be the new generation of young heroes. Kawaki will never hesitate to fight Boro despite the strength and power he possesses.

Sarada, Boruto, Mitsuki and Kawaki will join forces to get Naruto out from the seal that he is in.

Kawaki is the main reason Naruto is in this situation, so he will do everything to get him out.

This makes him a new member of Team 7 as he starts to make a plan against Boro in Boruto Episode 206. The whole team will reveal their newfound strength and the spotlight may center on Sarada.

She is now much stronger after her fight against Deepa and she will do everything she has learned in this battle.

Fans are about to see Chidori and manga fans will now witness her third Tomore in her Sharingan eye in anime form.

Episode 205 Recap

Shikamaru knew Kawaki would be a big help in locating Naruto. They believed the enemy would return with some reinforcements, so they were now preparing for the worst.

He asked the Shinobi warriors to look for Naruto and the enemy’s traces, OtakuKart News noted. Shikamaru removed his Shadow Paralysis Jutsu and said he respected the way Lord Seventh treated Kawaki.

However, he warned that if Kawaki did something terrible, he would not hesitate to bring him down.

When Shikamura asked what happened to Naruto, Kawaki said he had no idea and swore he wanted to save him.

Boruto Episode 206 will be out on Sunday, July 4.

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