‘Boruto’ Episode 207: Here’s how Sarada will defeat Boro


The new Team 7 has now voted its new leader, Sarada Uchiha, and it is now up to her how to save Naruto in Boruto Episode 207.

Among the four, it cannot be denied that Sarada is the most fitting character to lead the team – no questions asked. However, can her power and ability match that of Boro’s in Boruto Episode 207?

Sarada as the New Team 7’s Captain

Mitsuki pushes Sarada to lead the new Team 7. Boruto seems confident that he will get the position as the team’s captain, but Mitsuki’s words about Sasuke’s daughter have changed his mind.

According to Comicbook, this choice is only befitting, knowing Sarada is the most level-headed fighter in the group.

She has been showing great talents as a strategist since the beginning, which can be useful in their battle against Boro.

Her talent seems the key for someone who is eyeing the Hokage’s position. So, in Boruto Episode 207, fans are about to see what Sarada is about to do.

Viewers can also expect to see more of the new Team 7 now that Kawaki is part of the group.

The team now has a chance to prove itself as they will go to a fight to save Naruto in an alternate world.

They are willing to do everything to take the Shinobi back from Jigen, even if it means they have to defeat Boro first.

Can Sarada craft an effective strategic plan to bring the Kara Inner down?

The Fight Against Boro

IBTimes noted Boro’s regenerative ability is what giving the group the most challenging time in this battle.

But, it will never make Boruto, Kawaki, Sarada and Mitsuki back down. The Boruto Episode 207 preview shows the four preparing for their counterattack against Boro.

The clip begins with Boruto, admitting they cannot blast the opponent away. Mitsuki compares Boro’s regenerative ability to like that of a monster, which deems true.

Boro proudly shares he has attained a perfect body that has already outmatched that of a human being.

He even brags to Team 7 he has a power that they can never defeat.

“With the addition of Kawaki, the new Team 7 cooperates to counterattack Boro,” the new episode’s official synopsis read. “However, Boro’s astounding regeneration powers resurrect him!?”

So, per The Cinemaholic, Sarada may find the source of Boro’s regenerative power and destroy it with her Chidori that will ultimately bring him down.

Boruto Episode 207 will be out on Sunday, July 11.

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