‘Boruto’ Episode 208: Is Momoshiki’s manifestation good or bad?

Boruto Episode 208

Fans are about to see Boruto in Borushiki form in Boruto Episode 208 as Momoshiki will manifest in his body.

Titled “Momoshiki Manifestation,” what will happen in Boruto Episode 208 is pretty much telling. Momoshiki’s manifestation will come when Boruto needs its most to finally defeat Boro and save his father, Naruto.

The Manifestation of Momoshiki

According to Epic Dope, nobody knows if Momoshiki’s manifestation will be good or bad for Boruto.

The manifestation can be likened to the nine tails’ chakra inside a young Naruto’s body. This chakra made the Hokage go berserk when he felt an extreme swirl of emotions.

So, is Momoshiki’s manifestation and the nine tails’ chakra are the same?

Elsewhere, Team 7 has finally gotten Naruto out of the coffin. By the looks of it, the Shinobi puts himself into a hibernation mode to preserve his chakra, seeing he was conscious before he was sealed off.

In Boruto Episode 208 preview, Borushiki kicks Boro that makes him fall on the ground.

Knowing Boruto is Momoshiki’s vessel, he will not let him die, so he joins the fight. Momoshiki has the same power level as Boro, so putting him down is never a problem at all.

However, when Boruto regains control of his body when Momoshiki leaves, he may not remember anything about the manifestation.

From here, Team 7 can finally return Naruto to the village.

Episode 207 Recap

In Boruto Episode 207, Kawaki and Boruto’s recovery surprised Boro and he believed Mitsuki might be behind it.

Team 7 knew they could not defeat Boro if he continuously revived himself, The Cinemaholic noted.

Boro’s regeneration ability was too powerful for the group; they could not give him any severe damage.

They had already blown the Kara Inner’s head, torso and limbs, but he was still alive.

He regenerated each time, so their hits did not affect.

Kawaki suggested Sarada to look for Boro’s core. So, Boruto, Kawaki and Mitsuki kept the villain busy while Sarada did her job with the Sharingan.

She then realized Boro was continuously moving his core, so he kept on regenerating despite their continuous hit.

Sarada used Chidori to remove Boro’s core and she succeeded. After that, Boro started to lose control of his body and turned into a colossal monster.

Kawaki and Boruto took advantage of it and got Naruto out of the seal with their Transportation ninjutsu. So, when Boro attacked them again, others were left either unconscious or incapacitated.

From here, Momoshiki came out and took control of Boruto’s body.

What happens from here can be seen on the release of Boruto Episode 208 Sunday, July 18.

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