‘Boruto’ Episode 217 spoilers: Will Naruto die in his battle against Isshiki?


Boruto Episode 217 will feature the big fight of Lord Seventh, Sasuke and Boruto against Isshiki in a mysterious dimension.

Boruto will be using his Karma to bring himself and Isshiki to a place that no civilians can get involved in the fight. So, can this be the end of Isshiki in Boruto Episode 217?

The Beginning of the Most Intense Fight

It cannot be denied that Boruto Episode 216 is one of the best episodes the anime has so far. It begins the most intense fight the series features by revealing the new form of Naruto.

Isshiki quickly invaded the Hidden Leaf Village after the fight against Kashin Koji. Here, he just showed how powerful he could be as he faced the most powerful heroes in the series.

As their battle continued, the four took their fight to another intense level.

In Boruto Episode 217, Isshiki promises to take down his main problem before he goes to the village again.

This just means he has to defeat Naruto and the gang first, Comicbook noted. Naruto is all willing to die for his people and village, but Kurama suggests he takes another form though it will put both of their lives in danger.

Despite that, though, this is the only way that Naruto can even the odds. Sure, Naruto does not have a plan to beat Isshiki, but Kurama suggests using the weapon that he has been “holding back” this entire time.

However, this weapon can lead them to their deaths. In spite of the danger, Naruto still opts to do so.

From here, Naruto burns with a dark red chakra and emerges from the cubes with a brand new look. Though the anime is yet to reveal the form’s name, manga fans know it as “Baryon Mode.”

This is Naruto’s strongest ability so far and anime fans are about to witness how powerful it is.

Making the Enemy Confused

Isshiki is confused as to why Naruto only uses this powerful mode today, per Kompasiana. It also surprises Sasuke, knowing Naruto never uses this mode even if he has to deal with him.

A flashback scene will then begin and show Kurama explaining the power of the Baryon mode to Naruto.

This form can make Naruto and Kurama’s Chaka create a new type of a much powerful Chakra.

“Your chakra and my chakra will be consumed to create this new power until one or both of us die from the exhaustion of chakra,” Kurama stresses.

This just means Naruto may die first, knowing Kurama’s Chakra is much more than what Naruto has.

So, Kurama tells Naruto to seriously focus on his fight against Isshiki so that he can use the Baryon Mode as long as possible.

Can Naruto beat Isshiki with this power or will this put him on the brink of danger? Find out when Boruto Episode 217 drops on Sunday, Sept. 26.

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