‘Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’ brings back Ao with hidden dark plans

As Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is now making its way through the manga’s Vessel arc, Boruto encountered his most intense scenes yet as he comes across Ao!

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is now adapting material from the original manga. The anime is currently making its way through the series’s Vessel arc.

It has also brought one of the key characters in the Kawaki saga to the anime in full.

The series has brought Ao back to the anime. This is with the newest episode revealing some of his dark connections to Kara.

The character has been reintroduced to the sequel series in a previous episode; also, his role in the Fourth Great Ninja War.

Ao’s dark character

Ao appeared to be not just an Outers working for Kara, but he is revealed to have a shadowy reason for visiting the Hidden Leaf Village in the first place.

Furthermore, the episode raised the tension when it seemed like Ao would kill Boruto without a second thought. This is before the anime confirmed these dark connections.

But regardless of what we know about Ao with the recent release, in retrospect, with Episode 182, this scene is even more threatening.

Boruto and Team 7 was tasked in Episode 182 with escorting Katasuke to a lab to work on Naruto’s new prosthetic arm. The group then meets Ao for the first time as they get on a train bound for their mission.

Katasuke and Ao have a past connection, and a debate sparked among the two as they conversed about Boruto’s distaste of ninja tools in general. So Ao goes for an extreme example to prove his point.

Boruto’s life is in danger

Ao says he could have killed the young shinobi in the train as he raised a screwdriver to Boruto’s neck; He did it to teach Boruto a lesson.

He said the object wasn’t an inherently evil tool but is made into a weapon by those who use it.

However, as Ao’s character has been connected to Kara, it now makes it all the more intense looking back. Now, clearer to think that Ao would have killed Boruto in a different circumstance.

Meanwhile, Ao has been tasked with retrieving Kara’s mysterious vessel at the end of the episode directing his path with Konomaharu and Mugino.

This scenario can mean that the character will eventually be put on a new path toward Boruto and the others.


Image courtesy of Samurai TV Anime/YouTube Screenshot

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