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‘Boruto’ newest episode: Orochimaru takes on Kara


Orochimaru is making a scene once again! Orochimaru is back to the fight to take on a Kara member in the newest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

The newest episode of the anime revealed the Kara Actuation arc reaching its climax. Boruto, Sarada, and Konohamaru are in full action as they try to stop Victor and Deepa from sprouting a new Divine Tree.

What’s surprising is the previous episode’s storyline is the involvement of Orochimaru in the final confrontation.

Orochimaru’s promise has been made right in the next episode as he took on Victor. This is after teasing his appearance in action.

Taking the spotlight once more

The ending of episode 175 revealed the team fighting against two members of Kara. Konohamaru faces off against Victor alone as Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki focused on taking down Deepa.

In the middle of the fight, Orochimaru decided to take advantage of the situation because Victor stole the Hashirama Cell from him.

Furthermore, in a revelation of the legendary Sannin, he said that he did not come to save Konohamaru. Instead, he revealed that he came to recover the stolen Hashirama Cell.

Initially, considering Orochimaru’s reputation, Victor is apprehensive about taking on the Sannin. However, he decides to attack anyway.

Orochimaru on being a Sannin

It is clear that Orochimaru’s in total control from the start of the battle as he summoned snakes and bit off Victor’s head.

To counter-attack, Victor’s head grows back. The action of Victor made the Sannin giggled as he is the master of body regeneration techniques.

Moreover, Orochimaru continues to rattle Victor. The legendary Sannin doesn’t even deal with the final blow physically. Victor made a fatal error as Orochimaru told him that his Divine Tree is a total fake.

Meanwhile, the fake divine tree suddenly pulled in and consumed Victor as he tried climbing to the top. With Orochimaru burning away the tree soon after, he can only comment on how pitiful the scene is.

Are you excited for more fight scenes with the legendary villain of the original Naruto series?

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