‘Boruto’ Series: Is Naruto’s supposed death in befitting time?

In the Naruto series sequel, it can be observed that Boruto is stepping up in becoming the defender of Hidden Leaf.

But considering fans’ theories, do Naruto and Sasuke have to die first before Boruto comes to that point in his life?

It’s always a breathtaking scene whenever Naruto, Sasuke, and Boruto tries to defeat Isshiki Otsutsuki. The infamous flash-forward of the characters in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations got off to an ominous start.

The pilot scenes somehow depicted the teenaged Boruto battling over Hidden Leaf Village’s ruins with his friend-rival Kawaki.

As Boruto proceeds on the next level of his teenage life and takes his father’s path, theories have flooded that Naruto has to die.

It is for Boruto to take the limelight and begin his new path of heroism away from the shadow of his father.

The shocking revelations in Boruto Chapter 51

Naruto, Boruto, and Sasuke in Boruto chapter 51 try to hold the line against Isshiki Otsutsuki. Currently, they are battling in another dimension.

Boruto discovered a secret that saves Naruto and Sasuke’s lives. Isshiki revealed that he needs to keep Boruto alive or rather the essence of Momoshiki inside of Boruto.

That is to complete his master plan to harvest Earth’s chakra as he grows a Divine Tree with Boruto’s cooperation.

However, Boruto miscalculated the situation. Although Isshiki wants him alive, he doesn’t need him healthy and whole. Isshiki then beat Boruto ruthlessly down, breaking his arm and nearly his back.

With the Otsutsuki villain’s massive power, Sasuke has been incapacitated. It is up to Naruto how he will deal with the great enemy he failed to defeat twice before.

The killer technique

The battle against Isshiki is always a breathtaking scene for fans as it could always denote a tragic turn in Boruto’s life.

But this time is different; the Hidden Leaf Hokage will battle against Isshiki and not expecting to return.

The hero’s last ace is to take Kurama’s secret power, which he has been hiding for long because of its downside.

The great nine-tails inside Naruto offered him a massive power that will unlock a new transformation. Sounds great but what makes it petrifying is that it will take his life in the process.

Naruto’s words towards Isshiki seem to be a red herring, especially at this moment, where the death of a hero is most fit. Naruto said that he is willing to die for Konohagakure and for the people he loves.

Naruto once again is holding the future of the world in his hands. Let’s hope for the best in the upcoming episodes.

Image courtesy of AnimeUproar/YouTube Screenshot

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