‘Boruto’ series: Jigen returns in action, appears in threatening clip

In a new ominous clip of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Jigen has returned and is ready to create havoc in the ninja world.

After Boruto nodded to an episode of Jigen, fans concluded that the villain is yet another character like Orochimaru looking for a suitable vessel. The avid Naruto Uzumaki fans know so well that the hidden leaf hero is a vessel.

The relationship between Naruto and the demon fox Kurama was very complicated before they reached the point of working together.

However, not every ship gets that chance to have a harmonious partnership with their other half.

The return of Jigen

In the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Jigen is back and is ready for action. Fans can recall that the shadowy figure happens to be the leader of Kara.

Like Akatsuki, Kara is a strange new organization that seems determined to wreak havoc on the world. However, this time, before taking his organization even further, Jigen says he needs a vessel.

The end of Boruto’s new episode revealed a provoking conversation. After the older man, Victor, escaped the battle with Orochimaru, the anime checked in on him conversing with Jigen.

He then told Jigen about the death of Deepa. The older man also pinned the entire botched operation on the late Kara member during the conversation.

Victor’s words do not convince Jigen

Boruto fans get a distinct feeling that Jigen does not believe Victor’s claims as the ominous clip goes on. The older man does not seem to like his master very much.

When the two parted ways, Victor became more determined in stealing the vessel that Jigen is preparing for himself.

The person the two referred to as a perfect vessel is revealed in the manga. Kawaki was introduced first in episode one, and fans have highly anticipated his screen appearance.


Image courtesy of Naruto Explained/YouTube Screenshot

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