Bose reveals sunglasses that can play your audio on the go

Bose reveals sunglasses that can play your audio on the go

Bose is making noise in the headlines as they release three sophisticated sunglasses that can play your music.

The Bose Frames line includes the Alto and Rondo that was introduced in 2018 and it looks like they are ready to expand their eyewear collection.

In their recent press release, the audio company unveiled three new frames that combine the needs of the everyday user whether it be for sports or style. Weeks before the official announcement, The Verge was able to catch the new Bose sunglasses designs in the Federal Communications Commission (FDC) filings.

In the FCC filings, we see that they have utilized the left and right temples to incorporate their innovative audio technology.

Bose reveals sunglasses that can play your audio on the go

The Tenor and Soprano catches the beholder’s eye

While the previous Bose Frames has impressed consumers, these two new additions may blow them away. The Tenor is a smaller, square style while the Soprano is a subtle cat-eye.

Both designs were carefully designed for higher quality, improved appearance, and supreme comfort while hiding all the electronics, including two 16 mm speakers. Both of these sunglasses also have a better bass response for your listening pleasure.

The Tenor and Soprano are also scratch and shatter-resistant with an extended battery life of 5.5 hours through an included custom pogo-pin charger. Their lenses give you enough variety with either the Mirrored Blue and Silver for Tenor or Rose Gold and Purple-fade for Soprano.

Bose reveals sunglasses that can play your audio on the go

Sports enthusiasts will enjoy the durability of the Tempo

The Frames Tempo will change the landscape of sports sunglasses. Its TR90 nylon material makes it durable, lightweight, and flexible to withstand extreme temperatures and training.

Tempo’s in-house speaker packs a punch producing the highest fidelity in the Frames family. A 22 mm full-range driver is embedded in each temple to play deeper and louder  which is loud enough for cycling at 25 MPH without sacrificing hearing other elements such as traffic, warnings, training partners, and teammates.

This frame is also an upgraded version of the Tenor and the Soprano packing with up to 8 hours of battery life through an included USB-C charging cable and it can also fit under most protective helmets.

The lenses are polycarbonate with visible light transmission (VLT) of 12% and the Tempo also provides a lot of options depending on the weather and time of day.

Road Orange has a 20% VLT medium-light lens to reduce glare from reflective surfaces like water and snow; Trail Blue has a 28% VLT low-light lens suitable in bright-sun conditions; Twilight Yellow has a 77% VLT very low-light lens for use at dusk.

For those who are interested in grabbing this premium sunglasses, you could get the Bose Frames on their online store for US$249.95 [AU$342.80].

Images [1], [2] and [3] courtesy of Bose

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