Boston Celtics, thankful but looking to bounce back next year

Boston Celtics, thankful but looking to bounce back next year

The Boston Celtics are thankful for the experience and struggle they went through this season, but they are already looking forward to the next season.

This year’s Boston Celtics team had so much promise when the season started. Not only were they getting a healthy Gordon Hayward back, but they also signed Kemba Walker.

In other words, the Celtics team was stacked with high-caliber players starting with Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Marcus Smart. All three players have had time to gel together, but the addition of Hayward and Walker even boosted the team further into contention.

Unfortunately, their run ended earlier than they have wanted it to.

The Boston Celtics are thankful and hungry for next the season

Head coach Brad Stevens was grateful for many things that turned out this season. He said this to his team and shared it with the media. He said,

“I really appreciated the way that they played basketball all year. I really appreciated the way they competed. I really appreciated the way they blocked out stuff that didn’t matter. I really appreciated the way that they inspired with their voice while they were here (inside the NBA bubble), and before.”

He only has gratefulness for the effort that was put out by his young team. The Celtics have the lowest average age among all 16 teams that competed in the Playoffs. In other words, their performance exceeded what was expected of a team this young. They even took the defending champions to a Game 7 thriller and ended up victorious.

The Celtics also gave the Miami Heat a hard time in the Eastern Conference Finals. As such, the players have the next seasons to look forward to.

Kemba Walker wants more for next year

Kemba Walker, the newest superstar addition to the team, was crucial in several stretches of the Celtics’ run. Considering his tenure in the league, his matchup against the Heat was the first time he’s ever fought in a Conference Finals. He said,

“I’ve learned a lot, just the intensity of the playoffs, where every possession matters so much, from game to game. Things switch from game to game, adjustments, every game is just different. Biggest regrets? Don’t have any.”

These are big words coming from a player who was very close to almost landing in the Finals. Nevertheless, Walker acknowledges that he needs more time to gel with the team. The Celtics have already surpassed several trials this year, and they’ll look to bounce back in the next seasons.

Jayson Tatum has already established himself to be a superstar for the present and the future. On the other hand, Jaylen Brown has blossomed into a pure talent under the coaching of Brad Stevens. As such, it will be up to Kemba Walker to utilize everything he’s learned so far with the team to convert it to more wins in the next seasons.

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