Bottlepay app now available across Europe

Other European countries can now enjoy the services of the U.K.-based crypto payments provider Bottlepay as it has now expanded its area of operation.

With the development, users living at the “Old Continent” will now have the ability to send and receive even small amounts of euro, in addition to being able to buy, store and spend bitcoin with merchants that accept cryptocurrency as payment.

Using the Eurozone’s fiat currency Euro and bitcoin, the Bottlepay app will allow Europeans to make instant cross-border payments.

The company, which launched and offered its services earlier this year, promised its clients to process transactions at low, reasonable costs following its announcement of expansion on social media before the weekend.

Using the crypto payments service provider

Starting Tuesday, residents of Europe can top up the service provider’s app with Euros to facilitate their purchase of bitcoin or to make payments as well.

Meanwhile, U.K. users can send and receive British pounds and bitcoin and can leverage the mobile app to convert funds sent to Europe into Euro or cryptocurrency.

The application can be downloaded through a link that will be sent to mobile devices.

“Half a billion people across the U.K. and Europe can now make cost-effective, instant payments to each other with a payment app that’s built on top of the Bitcoin’s network,” said Bottlepay founder Pete Cheyne.

Buying crypto and sending money via Twitter

Using state-of-the art system, the platform supports orders made via Twitter, as funds can be transferred with a simple command such as “@bottlepay send @recipient €10.”

Meanwhile, buying bitcoin has also been made easy and simple with the platform bot as Tweeting “@bottlepay buy €10 of BTC” will immediately convert the fiat amount to crypto within an account.


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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