Bowser, Jr., King Bob-Omb join ‘Mario Kart Tour’ in Pirate Tour

Bowser Jr. and King Bob-Omb in Mario Kart Tour

Following a tradition that sees the game getting a new “themed” tour every fortnight, Mario Kart Tour is kickstarting another summer event with the Pirate Tour that features new content for the game.

Making a follow-up to the Wild West Tour that had its run back July 28 until August 11, the Pirate Tour’s already ongoing. However, like with previous tours, this newly run event is only valid for two weeks, therefore ending on August 25, 2020.

Pirate-themed Contents

As mentioned, two new characters are making an entry into the Mario Kart Tour races. One of which is the familiar Bowser Jr. and the first-ever appearance of King Bob-Omb, both in the game and the franchise in general.

Revolving around “piracy” as the motif, the event sees the introduction of pirate-themed customization. Particularly, the Pirate Sushi Racer, which is a pirate ship, and the Great Sail that complements the aforementioned as a pirate ship sail.

Furthermore, a throwback from the Nintendo DS days is also making a show in the Pirate Tour event. This specifically concerns a reimagined track from 2005’s Mario Kart DS, the Airship Fortress. While it still is mostly reminiscent of the original, this new rendition of the track adds more embellishments, subsequently making it look better than ever before.

In wanting to make the event a surprise that players can see, Mario Kart Tour’s official Twitter account posted a video. Essentially, giving the audiences a peek at what to see in the event if they have not already.

Mario Kart Tour in a Nutshell

Based on the ever-popular franchise by Nintendo, Mario Kart Tour is the mobile version of Mario Kart. As a racer that gravitates around the Mario universe, the game features iconic characters from across various IPs within the Nintendo portfolio.

For a title that keeps its content fresh and palatable for players long-term, Mario Kart Tour follows a cycle where it introduces a new theme every two weeks. Each cycle subsequently containing theme-related content, such as unlockable characters, customizations, tracks, etc.

While free-to-play, Mario Kart Tour employs micro-transactions and subscription service that makes certain elements in the game more accessible to players. For gamers who have a taste for casual racing, Mario Kart Tour makes for an easy game to relate to. As a mobile title, the game is playable on both Android and iOS.

Image used courtesy of Nintendo Mobile/YouTube Screenshot

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