Boycott of French products; Saudi Arabia steps in

French President Emmanuel Macron’s view against Islamist terrorism has traversed a new geopolitical scuffle among nations like Turkey, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.

The attitude exhibited by French President Emmanuel Macron to combat the radical Islamist terrorism following the brutal killing of teacher Samuel Paty and the protest by the French citizens over the event has led to a distinct geopolitical fight.

Stand by Turkey

In reply, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticized Macron. He further said, “The person in command of France has lost his direction. He continues about Erdogan all day. Look at yourself before and where you are moving. He is also a case, and he really should be checked up.”

Turkey also drove an aggressive attack to boycott French goods from its businesses.
In a show of backing to Turkey’s campaign, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted as well.

He said that Macron preferred “to promote Islamophobia by criticizing Islam rather than the terrorists.”

He also said that Macron chose “to prompt Muslims, including own citizens voluntarily.”

Boycott of French products

Lately, boycott France goods was a top trend in Pakistan.

It joined Turkey in striking France. Also, Pakistanis have been aggressively trending several hashtags across social media platforms, pushing people to boycott French products.

Consequently, they are also promoting abusing the French President and bullying French citizens.

Moreover, Pakistani citizens all over the world began a global campaign to boycott French products.

Many noticeable Pakistani Twitter handled spat hatred on France’s President and compelled Muslims worldwide to ostracize its products.

Editor of a leading Pakistani daily The News, Ansar Abbasi pushed the world’s Islamic fraternity to protest against France. Also to stand-up against the “disgraceful” attack on Muslims by handling the hashtag #MacronGoneMad.

Where Saudi Arabia stands

Unlike Turkey and Pakistan, the highest body of Muslim countries, the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation (OIC), rebuked the French teacher’s fearful killing.

They also expressed its anxieties on the “ongoing practice of driving satirical caricatures representing the Prophet Muhammad.”

Taking a variant route from the OIC’s balanced approach, the Turkey-led Islamic section unilaterally criticized the French government and condoled with the attacker.

Greece and French over Turkey for Saudi Arabia

Turkey and Pakistan’s aggressiveness was not taken in great taste by Saudi Arabia. Consequently, they have been a permanent Turkish President Erdogan’s aim to displace Saudi as the Islamic world ruler.

Citizens of Saudi Arabia have started a vast campaign to boycott Turkish assets. Saudi shops and stores have barred Turkish goods and displaced Turkish items with Greek ones.

Expressing Greece’s solidarity on Turkish aggressiveness and signifying Greek products’ availability in their stores, Saudi merchants hung Greek flags outside their companies.

Image courtesy of Frederic Legrand – COMEO/Shutterstock

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