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Brad Pitt allegedly building love nest for Jennifer Aniston


Brad Pitt is allegedly building a love nest for Jennifer Aniston amid rumors that they have gotten back together.

According to Woman’s Day, Brad Pitt is doing everything that he can to try and impress Aniston.

He is pulling all his design skills by building a love nest for the Friends star in the Missouri Ozarks.

Brad Pitt plans

A source told the tabloid that it has been Pitt’s longtime dream to build a lake house in the Ozarks since it’s near his parents’ house. However, his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie allegedly didn’t want to be close to Pitt’s family.

The insider went on to say that unlike Jolie, Aniston has always been close to Pitt’s family. The Morning Show star also loves Missouri so having a love nest there is a wonderful idea.

“It’s all the encouragement Brad needs to start breaking ground. He’s going through a period of change at the moment updating his LA and Santa Barbara places while he’s at it,” the source said.

Angelina Jolie allegedly furious

As with the other dubious claims about Pitt and Aniston, the tabloid also mentioned Jolie in the story. The source alleged that Jolie will most likely spit venom over the rumored couple’s plan.

The Maleficent: Mistress of Evil star allegedly thinks that if Brad Pitt has some money to spare, he should give it to their six children. The former couple is still fighting over the custody of their kids.

Gossip Cop was quick to debunk the claims made by the tabloid. The publication reiterated that Pitt and Aniston have not gotten back together.

They reached out to the Ad Astra star’s close friend and learned that he isn’t building a love nest for his ex-wife.

It is also unlikely for Jolie to be furious at Pitt and Aniston’s plan if it were true. After all, Pitt and Jolie have been divorced since 2016 and they are now living separate lives.

Brad Pitt giving financial advice?

Earlier this week, Globe also claimed that Aniston has been asking Pitt for financial advice.

“Jen’s always open to new opportunities and there aren’t many more savvy operators in Hollywood than Brad, so it’s only logical she’d ask him for help,” a source told the tabloid.

The insider added that Aniston and Pitt have become much closer because they have been talking to each other regularly.

According to the source, the closeness of Brad Pitt to Aniston could eventually result in another marriage. However, Gossip Cop once again said that this is false.

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