Brad Pitt allegedly furious, upset with Angelina Jolie during these incidents

Brad Pitt allegedly furious, upset with Angelina Jolie during these incidents

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are rumored to be at odds following her request to replace the lawyer overseeing their divorce. But it wasn’t the only time Pitt was allegedly furious at his ex-wife.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had a bitter split. They never talked in the first few months after announcing their separation. Things turned better when they decided to work together to co-parent their six kids in 2018. But Jolie’s request to replace the judge overseeing their divorce, which could delay the legal process, allegedly irked Pitt.

Brad Pitt allegedly furious at Angelina’s petition

A source told Us Weekly that Brad Pitt was furious with Angelina Jolie for her request to fire the judge overseeing their divorce. The same judge married them, so the Ad Astra actor insisted that she should have no issues about him handling their divorce and custody case.

“Brad’s been furious with Angelina,” a source told Us Weekly referring to Jolie’s recent legal move.

Pitt wasn’t happy because Jolie’s request would only delay the legal proceedings. Pitt’s camp responded to Jolie’s request and asked the court to deny it. He and his team considered Jolie’s move a “tactical gambit” to delay the case.

An insider alleged that Jolie was losing the case, so she was asking for a “new referee.” The anonymous source claimed that she was asking for more child support, which the judge was unlikely to grant.

Pitt upset with Jolie’s announcement

It wasn’t the only time Pitt allegedly got furious with Jolie. He was also unhappy when the Maleficent star announced that she wants to live with her kids abroad.

In one interview, Jolie said she wants to live in another country when her children turn 18 years old. In the same interview, she sounded like it was Pitt’s decision for them to stay near him when she mentioned that they have to stay where their father chooses to live.

Pitt was allegedly livid with Jolie’s statement.

“He couldn’t believe she’d go so public,” a source told Heat World.

“What upsets him the most is that she’s airing all this highly personal stuff for everyone to read, including the kids. He’s convinced that Ange is trying to smear his name and says he’s bent over backwards to accommodate her.”

The source added that Jolie took kids abroad countless times, and it wasn’t an issue for Pitt. He just doesn’t think that its right for them to live their lives on the road.


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