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Brad Pitt allegedly paired with a teenage girl during Scientology purification rundown


Brad Pitt underwent various courses when he joined Scientology, including a Purification Rundown with a teenage girl inside a sauna, according to a report.

Brad Pitt used to be a member of Scientology like Tom Cruise, but he left. According to his former supervisor Michael Mallen, he was twinned with a 15-year-old girl during the Purification Rundown, which involved spending hours in the sauna to make the body pure.

Brad Pitt underwent Scientology courses

Brad Pitt’s former supervisor spoke for the first time about the actor’s experience with Scientology.

According to Michael Mallen, Pitt did the Therapeutic TRs course or Training Routines devised by Hubbard. The process involves sitting across another person with eyes closed for some time. Then you look at another person with eyes open for two hours, Mallen told The Sun.

After passing the purification drill, one has to go into what’s called bullbaiting when the coach tries to get the student to react by pushing their buttons, which Mallen did to Brad Pitt. Mallen seemed to push Pitt’s button because the Ad Asta actor allegedly walked out and spit.

His then-girlfriend Juliette Lewis had to rescue him because he needed to cool off.

“I guess no one had bullbaited him before. I was going pretty hard on him, but that’s the whole point, to get the person where they’re no longer reacting and can comfortably be there,” he explained.

Lewis was able to convince Pitt to return with Mallen, adding he would be in trouble if he had not returned because no one wants a celebrity to leave. Pitt made it and took a dig at Mallen in his graduation speech.

Brad underwent Purification Rundown

The last thing Mallen learned about Brad Pitt’s involvement in Scientology was the actor taking Purification Rundown in Portland. Pitt was paired with a 15-year-old girl for the process.

She was the daughter of two loyal Scientologists. Mallen learned that Pitt did the Purification Rundown in Portland to keep out from the public.

Pitt and the girl spent hours in the sauna together, but there was nothing bad about it, according to Mallen. Also, her parents were very involved. They paired her with Pitt to give the actor a positive face for Scientology.

Pitt and Maellen left Scientology

Pitt completed the “Special course in human evaluation” in May 1993. He left the church in the same year while Lewis remains a member until today.

Meanwhile, Mallen also left the church for good in 2014. He is turning his book Brainwashed into a movie which, according to him, “is a cautionary tale based on true events.”

Mallen’s family never got into Scientology and were happy when he left. According to reports, Scientology also played a role in Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ divorce.

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