Brad Pitt and Alia Shawkat: What’s the real deal between them?

Fans have been yearning to know the real score between Brad Pitt and Alia Shawkat. Although the 56-year-old actor already made clear that they are just friends, people can’t still help thinking something is going on. As they are often spotted together, and the 31-year-old actress is even seen biking near his house, what’s the real deal between them?

The two have been often seen together since last year. May it be an art exhibit or a concert, they are always on each other’s side. So, are they dating or not?

Laughing Off The Dating Rumors

“Brad laughs off dating rumors because he gets it all the time. Right now, they are just friends who have so much in common,” a source told Hollywood Life. “It’s very much a best friend’s vibe with Brad and Alia, as they have a great connection with similar interests and likes in the arts.”

The insider added that Alia Shawkat had been Brad Pitt’s “trusted outlet.” He also sees her as a “great person” and someone that he knows he can “hang out” with and show his real personality.

Another tipster also told the publication that Angelina Jolie’s former husband is a fan of the Arrested Development star’s artwork, as she’s a big shot in the art scene in Los Angeles. Art has been a huge part of his life, so it only makes sense that he now connects to other artists. Also, since Jennifer Aniston’s ex has been divorced, he now often goes out and about, connecting to the real world.

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Alia Allegedly Visits Brad Pitt

Just last week, rumors emerged that Alia Shawkat visited Brad Pitt on her birthday. Did the two celebrate together? According to Just Jared, the Search Party star was seen biking away from the father-of-six’s gated community in Los Angeles,

It cannot be denied that these two have been pretty close together, spending a lot of time hanging out. They both attended a comedy show in October 2019. After a month, they were once again seen at an art gallery.

Alia Shawkat even joined Brad Pitt to attend Kanye West’s Sunday Service. Also, just before the lockdown started, they attended a concert in March and grabbed a bite at In-N-Out after. They were also spotted looking up at the burger joint’s menu, thinking of what food to eat. But despite these several outings, sources revealed that they are only friends and nothing romantic is going on between them.

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