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Brad Pitt and George Clooney allegedly have secret love child: rumors


Brad Pitt and George Clooney, reportedly, have a secret love child whom they keep hidden.

Brad Pitt and George Clooney are good friends and both have been hit by rumors that they are hiding a “secret love child.” However, both claims are apparently false.

Brad Pitt allegedly has a pregnant secret lover

NW published a report claiming that Brad Pitt knocked up a woman based on LA and got her pregnant. She reportedly made the Ad Astra actor a dad for the seventh time.

“I’m having Brad’s baby,” the woman said.

She also mentioned that she has to remain anonymous as she couldn’t speak on the record due to legal reasons.

Pitt’s seventh child not true

Gossip Cop suggested that the claim was not true for several reasons. First, the woman didn’t have a name. If she had been known, Brad Pitt could sue her.

Second, Pitt’s rep directly denied it saying that there was no truth to those unsubstantiated allegations. Pitt’s rep is more reliable than any woman claiming to have his baby without a name.

George Clooney allegedly has a child with ex

George and Amal Clooney have twins. However, a report claimed that he has a kid from another woman, his ex-girlfriend Stacy Kiebler.

NW alleged that the Money Monster actor received a letter demanding him to take a DNA test to clarify if he is the father of her child.

A so-called insider said that George Clooney and Kiebler were still seeing each other after their split in 2013. Thus, Ava’s father could be George and not Keibler’s husband, Jared Pobre.

George’s rep addressed the love child rumor

George Clooney’s representative denied the rumor that he is the father of his ex-girlfriend’s child. Besides, he didn’t receive a letter demanding a DNA test.

Also, Kiebler has been sharing snaps of her baby on social media. In one family photo, the little girl looks very much like Pobre.

National Enquirer recycled the report and added a spin to it. George’s love child has reportedly put a strain on her marriage with Amal.

“I’m told it led to the mother of all showdowns between her and George, and after a long fiery fight she stormed off, packing her bags and taking the twins,” the source said.

George and Amal Clooney’s marriage has been subjected to various divorce rumors and the two are still together. The claims are not true.

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