Brad Pitt lists Angelina Jolie’s former co-star to testify in custody trial

Brad Pitt lists Angelina Jolie's former co-star to testify in custody trial

Brad Pitt plans to testify in his upcoming custody trial with Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie filed for divorce in late 2016. She and Brad Pitt have since continued with the court battle and have yet to settle on a custody arrangement that would work for both parties.

As the date for their custody trial approaches, several publications, including Entertainment Tonight, obtained a copy of the former couple’s respective witness lists. On the Troy actor’s list, which he filed on September 21, it reveals that Jillian Armenante will take the stand as a witness.

Who is Jillian Armenante?

Brad Pitt will testify on the upcoming trial. Aside from his plans to “cross-examine” his former wife, the actor also reportedly wants Angelina Jolie’s former co-star to be a witness.

Based on reports, Jillian Armenante is one of the Maleficent actress’s co-stars in her previous film projects. They first worked together for the 1999 film, Girl, Interrupted. Eight years later, the two actresses reunited to work on the set of A Mighty Heart.

Considering their history, it reportedly makes total sense why it seemingly became a shock when Brad Pitt included the Judging Amy star on his witness list. The same publication noted, however, that the court expects Armenante to testify about her “observations” and “interactions and communications” with the petitioner and respondent, which are Angelina and Brad, respectively.

Who is Jillian Armenante

Brad Pitt has 21 persons on his witness list

Alongside Jillian Armenante, 20 other individuals will testify in the upcoming custody trial. Many of them are psychologists whom Brad Pitt included in his “21-person witness list.”

Surprisingly, though, all the seven individuals Angelina Jolie listed on hers “overlap” with her former husband’s. One of these witnesses is Alyce LaViolette, who will testify on behalf of both parties. There will also be a therapist and “security consultants,” according to Us Weekly.

The custody trial will open its session on October 5 until October 21.

Are Pitt and Jolie “on the same page?”

The Mr. and Mrs. Smith stars share six children. Sources revealed in June that both parties were “on the same page” when it comes to co-parenting their kids.

However, other insiders claimed earlier last month that “tensions” between the former couple have since escalated. While Brad Pitt reportedly wants “50/50 joint” legal custody of the six kids, his former wife does not agree to these terms. The former couple is “not open-minded heading into the trial either,” the source added.

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