Brad Pitt became distant from Jennifer Aniston because he’s smitten with Lady Gaga: Rumor

Brad Pitt became distant from Jennifer Aniston because he's smitten with Lady Gaga: Rumor

Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, and Lady Gaga are, allegedly, involved in a love triangle.

According to New Idea, Jennifer Aniston is starting to remember what it felt like when Pitt chose Angelina Jolie over her years ago.

Brad Pitt giving Jennifer Aniston the cold shoulder

After all, the Friends star noticed that Pitt became distant from her after the Ad Astra actor started working with Gaga.

“He’s kind of half-listening to her, very distracted and often making excuses to take a work call. She’s seen him do this before with Angelina – and she’s also seen her old friend Bradley do the same thing to Irina when he was working with Gaga,” the source said.

Brad Pitt giving Jennifer Aniston the cold shoulder 

Jennifer Aniston notices the changes in her ex-husband

The insider also claimed that Aniston couldn’t help but feel worried because she doesn’t know what’s going on between Pitt and Gaga on the set of Bullet Train.

“Each day Brad seems more and more distant and she’s worried he’s become Gaga’s latest muse. She knows she can’t compete with Gaga’s new talent, so there’s not much he can do without appearing like a nagging crazy shrew,” the source said.

The source said that all hell will break loose if Aniston catches Pitt rehearsing with Gaga late at night. After all, Jennifer Aniston has, allegedly, been warned about Gaga’s modus operandi.

Brad Pitt has feelings for Lady Gaga

While there is no proof that Pitt is smitten with Gaga, the tabloid insisted that he is.

“He can’t keep his eyes off her. From the moment she swept onto that set, Brad was hooked. Aside from the fact she’s a musical genius, she’s also incredibly talented at anything they throw at her. During training for an action sequence, she overpowered their instructor like he was a toddler,” the source said.

Gaga was cast in Bullet Train in November. And production started at the same time.

Even though Pitt and Gaga might have already crossed paths onset in Japan, there is no proof that they’re interested in each other romantically.

As for Jennifer Aniston and Pitt, the A-listers are not together so there’s no reason for the former to be jealous of the latter. If Pitt wanted to date Gaga, The Morning Show star would most likely be supportive.

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