Brad Pitt could have his kids overnight for the holidays, lawyer says

Brad Pitt could have his kids overnight for the holidays, lawyer says

Brad Pitt could, reportedly, breathe a sigh of relief because there’s a possibility that his request to have his kids overnight on Christmas Day will be granted.

While speaking with Hollywood Life, divorce lawyer Raoul Felder said that it’s very appropriate and usual for dads to want to have their kids for a long time during the holidays. And this is exactly what Brad Pitt is requesting.

“It’s very appropriate and usual for the father to have overnight visits and to share the holiday time equally. If Angelina really is trying to stop him from having the children one night at Christmas a judge is going to find that stubborn and unrealistic,” he said.

Angelina Jolie should stop Brad Pitt from having over 24 hours with their kids

Felder also said that if he was Jolie’s lawyer, he would tell the actress to not fight Pitt on his request to spend time with his kids overnight.

“He should have even more than one overnight. Why should he not have half the Christmas holidays?  If he wants to push it he can have more than one overnight during the Christmas holidays,” he said.

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie's hearing delayed 

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie’s hearing delayed

Pitt and Jolie’s hearing was supposed to commence on October 6, but it was postponed to October 19.

Los Angeles family lawyer Kelly Chang Rickert of the Purpose Driven Lawyers told the publication that Pitt and Jolie could still have a hearing in the meantime.

“The hearing would make orders that may be modified later. The trial will yield the final say,” she said.

“This is a very busy time for a divorce lawyers, it’s not unusual for couples to be having a hearing in front of a judge to figure out holidays,” Felder said.

Angelina Jolie had the right to request for Judge John Ouderkirk to be removed

Brad Pitt and Jolie’s hearing was, reportedly, delayed because of the actress’s request to have the judge on their case removed. But Felder said that what Jolie did was within her rights.

“In California they have a rule that you are allowed a certain number of times, very few times, to request a different judge. So that’s what it may be. Her lawyers, who I gather are very experienced, may have sized something up in this judge that they didn’t like. Today, with computers you can find out how judges have ruled in similar cases. And you may find out, as lawyers say, oh he’s a husband’s judge… they are biased towards the fathers. And if you look a little deeper maybe it’s because they had a miserable marriage and a bad divorce themselves. So, you have to know so many things, so many balls are in the air, this is not a game for amateurs,” Felder said.

Brad Pitt and Jolie agreed to have a private court hearing for the sake of their children.

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