Brad Pitt could spend the night at Jennifer Aniston’s place for Emmys

Brad Pitt could spend the night at Jennifer Aniston's place for the Emmys

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s highly-anticipated reunion may happen at the Emmys.

Last month, it was confirmed that the Emmys will still push through but with an entirely different setup. Brad Pitt and Aniston are nominated in different categories this year.

In a letter obtained by Variety, the creators of the show said that the TV industry’s biggest night out will still take place amid the coronavirus pandemic.

But instead of attending the event at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles for the occasion, the nominees will be filmed with their loved ones at any location of their choice.

Fans are speculating on how Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston will attend the Emmys

Fans are speculating on how Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston will attend the Emmys

Fans of Pitt and Aniston couldn’t help but speculate on what the exes’ set up will be at the Emmys. Some of them think that Pitt will go to Aniston’s house to film and watch the awards show together.

“Emmy Award Coverage: camera pans to Jen and Brad sitting in her living room together,” another fan said.

Aniston is nominated for outstanding lead actress in a drama series for her role as Alex Levy in The Morning Show.

Pitt, on the other hand, is nominated in the outstanding guest actor in a comedy series category for his stint on Saturday Night Live.

Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston SAG Awards reunion

Brad Pitt and Aniston were last seen together in public earlier this year when they attended the SAG Awards.

The former couple arrived at the venue separately, but they ran into each other on the way to the press room. Pitt and Aniston’s brief reunion made headlines back then. And it gave their fans hope for a possible reconciliation.

Unfortunately, Pitt and Aniston have not gotten back together. And it seems that they never will. However, this never stopped the tabloids from saying that the exes are secretly dating.

Brad, Jennifer rumors

Earlier this year, NW claimed that Pitt and Aniston were ready to confirm the status of their relationship via a joint tell-all interview.

“They want to address the public directly and let fans know they care for each other and always have – that will never change. They’re older now and more relaxed about discussing their personal lives – especially with friends like Ellen and Oprah. There are rumors they’re building a house together. But the number one dream would be for Jen to use the taping to finally confirm she’s pregnant,” the source said.

However, one should take all these claims with a grain of salt. Brad Pitt and Aniston didn’t have a house built, and the Friends alum isn’t pregnant either.

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