Brad Pitt dating Andra Day? Actress sets records straight over ‘hilarious rumors’

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt previously became the subject of talks again after news about him and Andra Day dating emerged.

Andra Day finally broke her silence over the news about him and Brad Pitt dating.

Day surely had enough as she sat for an exclusive interview following the 2021 BET Awards.

On Sunday, the actress told Entertainment Tonight her real score with Pitt. Unfortunately, her answer disappointed the fans who want them together.

According to Day, she was not dating the 57-year-old actor nor she ever met him. This debunked the rumor about the two being at the 2021 Academy Awards together in April.

When asked how the buzzes began, she firmly said that she does not even know they already met.

“I was like, ‘Oh, all right.’ My sister actually hit me up after; she was like, ‘You met Brad Pitt?’ I said, ‘I guess so. I guess we did,'” she said, as quoted by People.

She even referred to the news as a hilarious one since they do not even know each other. Instead, she suggested that someone must’ve been bored that day that they created such a rumor.

What Andra Day Thinks of Pitt

While it is now clear that they are not dating, Day shared what she thinks of the “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood…” actor.

Per the actress, Pitt looks great and wonderful. His acting skills also make him super talented in her eyes, as well.

Her recent statement stopped the news about the Hollywood heartthrob flirting with her at the Oscars ceremony this year. Mirror U.K., reported that the actor flirted with the Academy Award-nominated actress and swapped numbers.

One of their alleged friends supported the claim, saying that Pitt’s radar has been targeting Day.

The source said, “They were flirting backstage and are believed to have swopped numbers. It could be just professional, but some of Brad’s pals have been talking about what a great couple they’d make.”

Day became the latest target of romance rumors with Pitt. For what it’s worth, the actor already saw several women in Hollywood before he married Angelina Jolie. 

He most recently dated Nicole Poturalski, but their relationship did not work the way they wanted to.

Featured image courtesy of Chrisa Hickey, CC BY 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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