Brad Pitt didn’t cheat on Jennifer Aniston, Twitter discuss after exes reunion

Brad Pitt didn't cheat on Jennifer Aniston, Twitter discuss after exes reunion

Brad Pitt did not cheat on his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston, according to a Twitter discussion following the exes virtual reunion for the Fast Times table read.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have some sparks left for their fans who want them back together. While many are clamoring for them to rekindle their romance, many also want them to just move on from each other because they are already good friends, and that’s enough. As the netizens discussed Pitt and Aniston’s past, his alleged infidelity became a topic again.

Brad Pitt did not cheat on Jennifer Aniston

Lili Reinhart has had enough of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s fans still rooting for them. She shared her “unpopular opinion” about the two on Twitter and urged the other to leave Pitt and Aniston alone.

The post received several responses with one suggesting to cancel Pitt for allegedly dating underaged girls. The same netizen urged the others to stop shipping him and Aniston because he cheated on her. However, not everyone agreed that Pitt is a cheater.

“I [He] didn’t actually cheat tho sorry to burst your bubble but my uncle is friends with him and he didn’t actually cheat but Jen and brad had only just got divorced when he was dating Angie,” one commented.

A different netizen agreed and said she had known people close to Pitt and in her knowledge from them, the Ad Astra actor did not cheat on Aniston.

“You are the one spreading lies. People are still using that myth to vilify him while she got a free pass on everything,” the user added.

Aniston and Pitt today

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are on speaking terms. The exes agreed to work together for the virtual table read of Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

In their reunion, the exes played Brad Hamilton (Pitt) and Linda Barrett (Aniston). Brad has a crush on Linda and he is imagining her seducing him.

Some were so entertained with the scene, but others found it awkward for Aniston. Some said, the Friends alum seemed to not enjoy it because she was not in her usual self.

However, many praised The Morning Show star for pulling it off and being so cool with her ex. Pitt and Aniston even greeted each other during the table read before they read their scripts.

Even if Pitt and Aniston are on friendly terms, they have already moved on from each other. They think it is “hysterical” that fans are still obsessed with them together, according to an insider.


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