Brad Pitt didn’t think of Jennifer Aniston while flirting with Angelina Jolie, former bodyguard claims

Brad Pitt didn't think of Jennifer Aniston while flirting with Angelina Jolie, former bodyguard claims

Brad Pitt was still married to Jennifer Aniston when he was cast in Mr. & Mrs. Smith alongside Angelina Jolie.

While speaking with In Touch Weekly, Brad Pitt and Jolie’s former bodyguard, Mark Behar claimed that the actor never once thought of Aniston while he was busy flirting with Jolie.

Behar thought that things were not going well between Pitt and Aniston that’s why he never talked about their marriage.

Brad Pitt busy flirting with Angelina Jolie so he forgot Jennifer Aniston

And the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood star was so focused on flirting with Jolie that he reportedly asked for the actress’s lingerie.

After Jolie gave Behar her lingerie, the actress, reportedly, asked for Pitt’s boxers in return. Unfortunately, the actor wasn’t able to give her one because he doesn’t wear them.

Angelina Jolie trash-talked Jennifer Aniston 

Angelina Jolie trash-talked Jennifer Aniston

Meanwhile, Behar claimed that Jolie trash-talked Aniston to Pitt.

“She would say things about how Jen clearly doesn’t know how to keep her man interested. She used her beauty and charm to draw Brad in and shove Jen out,” the source said.

Following their split, Aniston, reportedly, branded Jolie’s comments as uncool. And she also accused her ex-husband of lacking a sensitivity chip.

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie had screaming matches before they divorced

But despite the duplicity, Behar described Pitt as an intelligent individual.

“Brad is very, very intelligent. He’ll listen to you. You can talk to him about anything. Angelina is quieter. If she doesn’t have anything to say, she won’t say it. She’s a little bit sour,” he said.

Prior to their split, Pitt and Jolie’s relationship became tumultuous to the point that they were always fighting and screaming at each other.

Behar said that their fights stemmed from their different parenting styles. Brad Pitt reportedly felt that Jolie was too lax, while the actress thought that her ex-husband was too controlling.

Meanwhile, the A-listers also made headlines recently after the judge granted Pitt joint custody of his children.

After his years-long battle with Jolie, the judge seemingly sided with Brad Pitt. And reports revealed that Jolie isn’t thrilled. And she’s going to appeal the judge’s decision.

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