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Brad Pitt ‘disrespected’ Angelina Jolie with Jennifer Aniston public reunion


Brad Pitt disrespected Angelina Jolie with his public reunion with Jennifer Aniston earlier this year.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston divorced in 2005. However, many still want them together. The exes sent their fans into a frenzy with their sweet reunion at the SAG Awards in January.

Brad Pitt allegedly disrespected Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have remained friends following their separation. However, they were never seen together until the SAG Awards.

Pitt and Aniston’s sweet photos at the ceremony shocked and pleased their fans. It sparked rumors that they were back together.

Following Pitt and Aniston’s sighting, many were waiting for Angelina Jolie’s reaction. According to an insider, the Maleficent start felt “disrespected.”

Angelina won’t be happy – it feels hugely disrespectful to her to make a joke out of their marriage problems in front of a room full of their peers. She’d never do that to him,” a source told The Sun.

“And Brad’s very public reunion with Jen will also feel hurtful to her – it’s almost like, throughout their marriage, the public seemed to want Brad to get back with Jen. I think she’ll feel very disrespected by Brad’s speech.”

Angelina banned Jennifer Aniston from seeing kids

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are allegedly back together and Angelina Jolie is not happy. According to Woman’s Day, the Eternal actress decided to ban the Murder Mystery star from meeting her kids with Pitt.

Furthermore, Jolie reportedly filed for a new child custody evaluation against her ex-husband. The move shocked everyone including their kids.

Pitt was not happy with Jolie’s move. He began questioning himself what else he could to prove Joie that their kids are his priority.

However, one should take this report with a grain of salt. Several sources claimed that Pitt and Aniston were just friends.

Moreover, Pitt and Jolie have already agreed on joint custody over their six children in 2018.  The kids regularly see their dad even during the lockdown.

Brad fell for Margot Robbie and Alia Shawkat

Brad Pitt has been linked to several women aside from his first wife Jennifer Aniston. There were rumors that he also fell for Margot Robbie. It allegedly happened when they were filming Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

However, the claim was not true. Robbie is happy with her husband, Tom Ackerley. In a previous interview, Robbie expressed her joy in being married to Ackerley.

“Being married is actually the most fun ever,” Robbie said.

There were also rumors linking Pitt to Alia Shawkat. However, sources close to them denied the rumors and insisted that they were just friends.

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