Brad Pitt doesn’t have a ‘secret hotline’ exclusive for women

Brad Pitt doesn't have a 'secret hotline' exclusive for women

Brad Pitt was at the center of an offensive rumor recently that had to do with his dating life.

According to National Enquirer, Brad Pitt has a secret cell phone that he uses for his hookups. No one knows the number of Pitt’s third mobile phone because he only, allegedly, gives it to random women.

Brad Pitt allegedly has late-night rendezvous

Since the tabloid cannot confirm their dubious reporting, they said that Pitt is keeping details about his hookups private. They also claimed that the Ad Astra actor is not one to brag about his late-night rendezvous.

However, Gossip Cop slammed the publication for saying that Pitt has a secret hotline that he uses for women. After all, the rumor-debunking site was, reportedly, able to confirm that this doesn’t exist.

Rumors debunked

A source from the publication spoke with a rep that’s close to the situation and was told that the report is untrue. No other tabloid reported about Pitt’s alleged secret trysts, which could only mean that it’s 100 percent false.

Gossip Cop also outed National Enquirer for some of the times that they published a fake story about Pitt. Earlier this year, the tabloid claimed that the dad of six was retiring from the industry.

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt rumors debunked 

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt rumors debunked

There was also a time when they claimed that Angelina Jolie was keeping her kids from Brad Pitt. But recent photos of the actor show him visiting his kids at Jolie’s home.

In August of last year, the tabloid also claimed that Jolie decided to give up on the custody of her kids. She, allegedly, gave her children to her ex-husband.

A source told the tabloid that Jolie was struggling financially so she was forced to accept new projects. And the actress’s busy schedule, allegedly, prevented her from taking care of her children.

“Angelina is really strapped for cash right now and that’s worked to Brad’s advantage. She’s taken the next movie, The Eternals, which will be shooting in the UK during the summer. That’s why she’s letting the kids stay with Brad in LA while she makes the big bucks in Europe.

However, it is important to note that Jolie never gave her children to Pitt. In fact, the exes still haven’t finalized their custody agreement.

Two years ago, the same tabloid claimed that Jolie and Pitt’s divorce file has been leaked. However, Brad Pitt and Jolie have been very particular about keeping the details of their divorce private. As such, the tabloid is once again incorrect.

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