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Brad Pitt doesn’t mind Nicole Poturalski’s swipe at Angelina Jolie: Report


Brad Pitt, reportedly, didn’t mind if his alleged girlfriend, Nicole Poturalski, took a swipe at his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie, on social media.

Fans believed Nicole Poturalski subtly shaded Angelina Jolie in one of her posts on Instagram. Although the 27-year-old model already cleared her stance over the issue, many thought she tried to defend Brad Pitt.

Pitt reacts on Poturalski’s alleged shade on Jolie

A source told Us Weekly Pitt was never upset about Poturalski’s remark on Instagram.

In her post, she captioned her snap with, “Happy people don’t hate,” along with three red heart emojis.

Some believed it was an insult to Jolie as the ex-couple’s legal custody battle was once again heating.

“For it to become this thing that suddenly everyone was talking about should have been surprising to Brad,” the insider explained. “At this time in his life, Brad is just happy that he has found someone that makes him feel cherished and loved.”

Upon seeing her post, a fan called out the German beauty. “If so, then why [do] you & Brad hate Angelina,” the follower asked. “Practice what you preach, girl.”

Poturalski politely responded to the accusation, insisting, she’s “not hating [on] anyone. “WE LOVE. WE SUPPORT. WE SMILE. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. BIGGEST KISS,” she also wrote when another fan came to her defense.

Brad Pitt, Poturalski’s romance

Pitt surprised everyone when he arrived in the South of France with Poturalski. Despite the many rumors plaguing their romance, a different source revealed they’re keeping things casual.

“It’s currently a go-with-the-flow situation,” another insider told Us. “Nicole’s not running around yelling about her love for Brad from the rooftops.”

The two often see each other In Los Angeles, but it is not always for pleasure.

“Nicole is there a lot for work,” the tipster shared. “That’s where the bulk of her dates with Brad have been.”

Hence, it’s not far that their relationship may turn into something serious. “Going by what Brad’s been saying, they are totally falling for each other,” the source added.

The nastiest divorce in Hollywood history

Meanwhile, a lot of people believed Pitt and Jolie were already on good terms until things got ugly again.

The 56-year-old actor used to frequent the Maleficent star’s home in L.A. as of late. However, news later emerged the 45-year-old actress filed a complaint, asking for the removal of a judge from their case.

The judge in question, reportedly, has another working relationship with Pitt’s legal counsel without them knowing. This thing once again heated their lengthy divorce battle, which was dubbed as the nastiest divorce in Hollywood history, Mirror noted.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s custody trial will begin in October.

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