Brad Pitt facing $100K suit for deceiving marriage, events appearances: Report

Brad Pitt

A healthcare CEO named Kelli Christina filed a legal complaint against Brad Pitt after the 56-year-old actor allegedly deceived her of marriage and events appearances.

Kelli Christina, who is from Plano, Texas, is suing Brad Pitt for $100,000. The complainant claimed she had given a huge amount of money to Angelina Jolie’s ex.

However, Pitt’s lawyers believed the accuser was a victim of an online scammer who pretended to be their client.

Pitt’s lawyers contradicted the complaint

Christina put in her court papers she paid Pitt $40,000 for five appearances at the charity Make It Right Foundation.

She also asserted they had developed a close relationship that they already talked about marriage, The Post noted, via Page Six.

However, Pitt’s lawyers contradicted Christina’s declarations, believing a cyber-scammer had tricked her.

The legal team of Jennifer Aniston’s ex filed a motion in the Texas court. They explained that the award-winning star had never dealt anything with Christina, so they filed to dismiss the case.

“Neither the Make It Right Entities nor Mr. Pitt entered into an agreement with Plaintiff,” their document read. “It appears [Christina’s] communications about any agreement were apparently with one or more individuals unlawfully posing as — but not in any way affiliated with — defendants online.”

Christina admitted the communications she had with the alleged Pitt were between her and possibly several individuals pretending as “fake Pitts.”

They also stressed the scammers had nothing to do with the foundation in any way.

Christina’s side of the story

In Christina’s original complaint, she revealed Pitt approached her in 2018 to raise funds for the Make it Right Foundation. The cause was for the benefit of Hurricane Katrina victims.

“Kelli Christina was persuaded by Brad Pitt’s presentation of the, allegedly, meritorious cause,” the documents read. “Plaintiff and Brad Pitt . . . entered into a business agreement with specific terms and conditions.”

However, the so-called Pitt canceled his appearances at each even at the last minute but still kept the payment.

In their deal, Christina would organize the events and advertise it so that they could raise money.

So, with Pitt’s appearance, it would likely draw more donations and attendees, which were all part of their alleged agreement.

A source close to the issue revealed the incident was a case of an “online celebrity internet scam.”

It had nothing to do with the celebrities themselves, as they are victims, too.

Despite the explanation of Pitt’s lawyers, Christina was determined to continue the case.

“This lawsuit is important for the country, so I will continue to fight Brad Pitt and Make it Right Foundation,” she maintained.

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