Brad Pitt has secret phone for ‘hookups’ with Jennifer, Alia, other women: Rumor

Brad Pitt has been linked to a slew of women. But Jennifer Aniston and Alia Shawkat are the ones that are still being linked to the actor.

According to National Enquirer, Brad Pitt doesn’t want to come public with his romantic trysts because he hasn’t committed to anyone. However, he has, allegedly, been hooking up with a slew of women since his divorce from Angelina Jolie.

Brad Pitt has a secret phone

The tabloid also claimed that Pitt has a special cell phone that he uses for his hook up. And not everyone knows the number of this secret phone.

“It’s a closely guarded number he only shares with a secret string of lucky ladies. He actually has three phones – one for work, another for friends, and this one for his late-night hookups,” the source said.

Brad Pitt hooking up with random women?

Brad Pitt hooking up with random women?

Last year, the same tabloid claimed that Pitt regularly invites women into his Los Feliz home to hook up with them. And he tried his best to make his late-night rendezvous as discreet as possible.

But when the rumors still made headlines, the tabloid claimed that Pitt just laughed them off. After all, if the public knew the extent of Pitt’s alleged hookups, they’ll be stunned.

Does Brad use his secret phone with Jennifer Aniston, Alia Shawkat?

Today, Brad Pitt still, allegedly, uses his secret phone. And since the tabloid claimed that Pitt has an ongoing flirtation with Aniston, they seemingly suggested that he also uses the secret phone with the actress.

However, Pitt’s rep denied the claims. They said that the actor doesn’t have a secret phone exclusive for his women. However, the rep didn’t deny that claims that Pitt has been hooking up with a string of women at his home.

Is the actor dating again?

Rumors about Pitt’s love life has been rife since his divorce from Jolie in 2016. Last year, Star claimed that the actor has started dating again.

“Brad’s finally back to his old self again, but not married, henpecked Brad. He’s living his best life,” the source said.

The tabloid claimed that Pitt was dating two gorgeous models at the same time. And it was his friend, Leonardo DiCaprio that played matchmaker for him and the mystery women.

However, one year has passed, and Pitt hasn’t introduced anyone as his girlfriend publicly. This could only mean that the claims made by the tabloid are incorrect.

Brad Pitt is still single, and his focus is still on his career and his children.

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