Brad Pitt knew this would upset Jolie but didn’t care, source says

Brad Pitt was allegedly fully aware that his ex-wife Angelina Jolie would be upset by taking his new girlfriend to Chateau Miraval, but he didn’t care.

Brad Pitt and his new girlfriend, Nicole Poturalski, made headlines last week after their Paris sighting. The duo traveled to France and stayed at Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s estate, Chateau Miraval. An insider claimed that the actor already had an idea that the move would upset Jolie.

Brad Pitt allegedly expected Angelina to lash out

Brad Pitt raised a few eyebrows when he visited Chateau Miraval with his new lady love. Many didn’t like it because they were thinking of Angelina Jolie’s feelings. However, the actor allegedly didn’t care about the Maleficent actress’ reaction.

“Taking Nicole to Miraval on their former wedding anniversary, Brad knows exactly what he is doing and the reaction it’s going to get from Angelina,” a source told Us Weekly.

The same insider added that Pitt was allegedly expecting his wife to be furious, but he didn’t mind.

“He just doesn’t care if Angelina is going to lash out. He expects she will,” the tipster added.

Brad called insensitive

Many called out Brad Pitt for being insensitive when he took Nicole Poturalski at Chateau Miraval. First, several didn’t like the timing.

Pitt and Poturalski’s visit to Chateau Miraval happened in the same week he married Angelina Jolie in the estate six years ago.

Second, Chateau Miraval was Pitt and Jolie’s home in Paris. The property is significant to their family.

“Of all the places Brad Pitt could take his new GF, he brought her to Chateau Miraval?? The home he shared where he married his kid’s mom? I meannnn I know he’s missing a sensitivity chip but come onnnn,” one wrote on Twitter.

“IKR? So incredibly tacky. I suspect he leaked the pics as a jab towards Angelina, parading a girl over half his age…damn near half hers! But the fact that she’s married proves he has no respect for the sanctity of marriage, his or anyone else’s,” another agreed.

Pitt diverting attention from girlfriend to his wine business

Meanwhile, Lainey accused Brad Pitt of diverting the public’s attention from his girlfriend to his wine business. It turned out that Pitt visited Chateau Miraval to finalize the details of his new Champagne.

Also, it was learned that Pitt’s new love is still married. Nicole Poturalski is reportedly not yet divorced but in an open marriage.


Image used courtesy of Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

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