Brad Pitt made ‘startling’ confession to Jennifer Aniston about Angelina Jolie before divorce

Brad Pitt, reportedly, made a startling confession to Jennifer Aniston about Angelina Jolie before they divorced.

In 2005, Pitt and Jennifer Aniston released a joint statement saying that none of the tabloid rumors about their marriage were true.

Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston marital problems revisited

A source close to the former couple revealed that one of the problems in Pitt and Aniston’s marriage was the latter’s busy schedule. And since Aniston was busy with Friends back then, she and Pitt struggled with their lives behind closed doors.

“They gradually lost sight of themselves as individuals. And despite their nice lifestyle and having everything they might want, they weren’t happy. They lost a sense of self,” a source told People.

But it was Aniston’s friend, Courteney Cox that, reportedly, presented another layer to her and Pitt’s divorce.

Brad Pitt told Jennifer Aniston about his attraction for Angelina

Brad Pitt told Jennifer Aniston about his attraction for Angelina

While speaking with Vanity Fair, Cox denied the allegations that Pitt started a physical affair with Jolie before his divorce from Aniston was finalized. However, Cox said that Pitt told Aniston that he was attracted to Jolie.

“There was a connection, and he was honest about that with Jen. Most of the time, when people are attracted to other people, they don’t tell. At least he was honest about it. It was an attraction that he fought for a period of time,” Cox said.

According to Mirror UK, this was Pitt’s startling confession to Aniston. He was honest enough to tell his ex-wife that he was attracted to Jolie. But they didn’t start an affair immediately after they were cast in Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

The actress reportedly wanted to fix her, Brad’s problems

While speaking with Vanity Fair, The Morning Show star admitted that if it were only up to her, she would’ve tried to fix her marriage. However, there were more factors in play as to why their marriage failed.

“It’s just complicated… You’re two people continually evolving, and there will be times when those changes clash. There are all these levels of growth – and when you stop growing together, that’s when the problems happen,” she said.

Aniston and Pitt’s relationship has gone a long way since their divorce. Just recently, it was announced that they would be on screen together during the Fast Times table read.

Exes will reunite on screen

While speaking with People, organizer Dane Cook confirmed the news.

“I threw out a bunch of names originally, and was fortunate enough to get a couple of those names pretty quickly I mean, Jennifer Aniston was lovely and was so gung-ho,” he said.

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