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Brad Pitt may allegedly join MCU to play as Hyperion


Brad Pitt may join in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to play its version of DC’s Superman, Hyperion.

MCU has featured a number of A-list Hollywood stars, from Robert Downey Jr. to the newly added Angelina Jolie. Now, will Brad Pitt be a new member of the superheroes’ shared universe?

Jolie joins in the franchise’s second phase by having a role in the upcoming The Eternals. There are also rumors that Keanu Reeves may play a role in the MCU in the future.

Pitt may join MCU to play its version of Superman

According to Rojak Daily, MCU is eyeing to give Jennifer Aniston’s ex-husband a role in the forthcoming Marvel movie about Hyperion.

Allegedly, Marvel Studio has been trying to give the 56-year-old actor a role in the MCU. He was initially eyed to play the role of a major villain after Thanos’ death.

But Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, reportedly, had a change of mind and wanted to have the actor play the role of Marvel’s version of Superman instead.

Anyhow, fans should only take this assumption with a grain of salt as Marvel has yet to confirm the news. Details about the alleged film remain under lock and key, although there are reports Hyperion may make an appearance in Captain Marvel 2.

Who is Hyperion?

Created by the writer Roy Thomas and artist Sal Buscema, Hyperion debuted in The Avengers comic book #69, published in October 1969.

He has a lot of origin stories, but, according to We Got This Covered, he is originally a part of The Eternals. They are a race of superheroes tasked to save the earth.

Just like Superman, Hyperion has the same “superhuman strength, stamina, speed, durability, and flight.”

He, too, is the leader of his team, called Squadron Supreme, which seems to resemble DC’s Justice League.

Its members are entirely similar to the DC heroes. Nighthawk bears a resemblance to Batman, Power Princess to Wonder Woman, and Whizzer to Flash.

The publication noted that as MCU is about to introduce The Eternals with Jolie, it may be the best time to present Hyperion with Pitt, too.

The rumors come after news emerged Marvel was developing a movie featuring Hyperion. The film was still, reportedly, being worked out. So, it remains to be a big question if it will feature Hyperion alone or together with his squad.

So, until Marvel officially announces there will be a Hyperion movie featuring Brad Pitt, everything remains to be hearsay.

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