Brad Pitt, Nicole Poturalski relationship ‘totally over,’ never serious

Brad Pitt, Nicole Poturalski relationship 'totally over,' never serious

Brad Pitt and Nicole Poturalski have, reportedly, called it quits.

According to Page Six, Brad Pitt and Poturalski’s relationship is totally over. And the former couple called it quits a while back.

Brad Pitt, Nicole Poturalski dated briefly

A source also told the publication that Pitt and Poturalski’s relationship was never all that serious contrary to what some publications claimed.

Prior to the confirmation of Pitt and Poturalski’s split, the latter was photographed with her husband, Roland Mary in Germany. The couple, reportedly, has an open marriage, and they also have a 7-year-old son together.

Brad Pitt didn't have any plans to settle down with Nicole 

Brad Pitt didn’t have any plans to settle down with Nicole

Last month, a source told People that Pitt and Poturalski have known each other for about a year. And after meeting at a party, they became flirty with each other.

Around the same time, Us Weekly claimed that even though Pitt and Poturalski are smitten with each other, they’re nothing rushing to settle down.

“Brad thinks Nicole is beautiful and kind. He has absolutely no plans nor any desire to ever get married again. Brad doesn’t want a girlfriend that he’s with every day,” the source said.

Shortly after, the German model posted a cryptic tweet, and fans were convinced that it had something to do with her split from Pitt.

Nicole Poturalski is hanging in there

On her Instagram account, Poturalski shared a photo of herself lounging indoors while basking under the rays of sunshine coming from outside her window.

“Hang in there just for a little bit longer…” she captioned the photo.

Poturalski has been making headlines because of her recent Instagram posts. Last month, she responded to a fan who asked why she and Pitt hate Angelina Jolie. The model denied that she and Pitt hate the Maleficent star.

Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt dating rumors

Now that Pitt and Poturalski’s relationship is over, the actor and Jolie are once again on an even playing field when it comes to their relationship status. Jolie has also been single since her divorce from Pitt four years ago.

Tabloids will also most likely link Pitt and Aniston to each other once again. In fact, even before it was revealed that Pitt and Poturalski’s relationship is over, Woman UK already claimed that Pitt and Aniston will celebrate Christmas together.

According to the magazine, Pitt and Aniston are planning their romantic getaway for the holidays. And they will go to Mexico with their celebrity friends.

However, this is unlikely to happen because Jennifer Aniston and Pitt are not dating.

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