Brad Pitt, Nicole Poturalski weren’t together ever despite split report: Rumor

Brad Pitt, Nicole Poturalski weren't together ever despite split report: Rumor

Brad Pitt and Nicole Poturalski just parted ways, but there are rumors claiming they were never together in the first place.

Brad Pitt and Nicole Poturalski’s whirlwind romance ended quickly the way it started. Now that they are no longer together, and a screenshot claiming they were never dating resurfaced.

Brad Pitt never dated Nicole Poturalski

Lainey wrote an article about Brad Pitt and cited a screenshot shared on Deuxmoi’s Instagram page. The exchange of messages on the photo suggested that Pitt and Nicole Poturalski didn’t have any relationship.

One wrote that Pitt’s girlfriend is not in an open marriage, but it is an arranged marriage. The netizen added that Poturalski is a “professional sugar baby,” and she’s not Pitt’s girlfriend; he just allegedly booked her for a few vacations. The German model allegedly receives an allowance from her husband, and men pay her expensive jewelry and stuff.

“Can’t tell you how I know this,” the netizen wrote.

“For what it’s worth one of her friends told me that they weren’t really ever together but it was good press for her and also for her husbands restaurant,” another netizen wrote.

Deuxmoi is a celebrity gossip account on Instagram with over 300,000 followers. People submit DMS on the account with screenshots, stories, photos, or a combination directly to its Instagram account or in its submission form on its website. Basically, everything in there should be taken with a grain of salt, The Cut reported.

What happened before the split

A lot of things happened before Brad Pitt, and Nicole Poturalski’s split made headlines. The 27-year-old model was spotted having dinner with her husband in Berlin, which sparked rumors that she and Pitt already broke up.

Meanwhile, after their split, several sources claimed that their relationship was never serious in the first place. In fact, they have already parted ways “a while back.” And they are reportedly “totally over” from each other.

Poturalski seemed to respond to the split reports in one post on Instagram.

“Hang in there just for a little bit longer…” she wrote in the caption,” she wrote in the caption.

How’s Pitt after the split

Brad Pitt is keeping himself occupied with socially-distanced projects. Last month, he reunited with his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston for the virtual table read of Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Last week, Pitt was in Los Angeles, narrating a campaign ad for Joe Biden. Aniston also publicly endorsed the Democratic presidential candidate.

Pitt and Aniston’s fans were hoping that they would get back together now that he is single. Even Wendy Williams wants the exes to rekindle their romance.

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